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Electromagnetic Vortices

Wave Phenomena and Engineering Applications

Jiang, Zhi Hao / Werner, Douglas H. (Herausgeber)

IEEE/OUP Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory (formerly IEEE only), Series Editor: Donald G. Dudley.


1. Auflage Januar 2022
496 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-66282-2
John Wiley & Sons

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Discover the most recent advances in electromagnetic vortices

In Electromagnetic Vortices: Wave Phenomena and Engineering Applications, a team of distinguished researchers delivers a cutting-edge treatment of electromagnetic vortex waves, including their theoretical foundation, related wave properties, and several potentially transformative applications.

The book is divided into three parts. The editors first include resources that describe the generation, sorting, and manipulation of vortex waves, as well as descriptions of interesting wave behavior in the infrared and optical regimes with custom-designed nanostructures. They then discuss the generation, multiplexing, and propagation of vortex waves at the microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies. Finally, the selected contributions discuss several representative practical applications of vortex waves from a system perspective.

With coverage that incorporates demonstration examples from a wide range of related sub-areas, this essential edited volume also offers:
* Thorough introductions to the generation of optical vortex beams and transformation optical vortex wave synthesizers
* Comprehensive explorations of millimeter-wave metasurfaces for high-capacity and broadband generation of vector vortex beams, as well as orbital angular momentum (OAM) detection and its observation in second harmonic generations
* Practical discussions of microwave SPP circuits and coding metasurfaces for vortex beam generation and OAM-based structured radio beams and their applications
* In-depth examinations and explorations of OAM multiplexing for wireless communications, wireless power transmission, as well as quantum communications and simulations

Perfect for students of wireless communications, antenna/RF design, optical communications, and nanophotonics, Electromagnetic Vortices: Wave Phenomena and Engineering Applications is also an indispensable resource for researchers in academia, at large defense contractors, and in government labs.

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Part I: Fundamentals and Basics of Electromagnetic Vortices

1 Fundamentals of orbital angular momentum beams: concepts, antenna analogies, and applications
Anastasios Papathanasopoulos, Yahya Rahmat-Samii

2 OAM radio--physical foundations and applications of electromagnetic orbital angular momentum in radio science and technology
Bo Thidé, Fabrizio Tamburini

Part II: Physical Wave Phenomena of Electromagnetic Vortices

3 Generation of microwave vortex beams using metasurfaces
Jia Yuan Yin, Tie Jun Cui

4 Application of transformation optics and 3D printing technology in vortex wave generation
Jianjia Yi, Shah Nawaz Burokur, Douglas H. Werner

5 Millimeter-wave transmit-arrays for high-capacity and wideband generation of scalar and vector vortex beams
Zhi Hao Jiang, Lei Kang, Wei Hong, Douglas H. Werner

6 Twisted light with metamaterials
Natalia Litchinitser

7 Generation of optical vortex beams
Yuanjie Yang, Cheng-Wei Qiu

8 Orbital angular momentum generation, detection and angular momentum conservation with second harmonic generation
Menglin L. N. Chen, Xiaoyan Y. Z. Xiong, Wei E. I. Sha, Li Jun Jiang

Part III: Engineering Applications of Electromagnetic Vortices

9 Orbital angular momentum based structured radio beams and its applications
Xianmin Zhang, Shilie Zheng, Wei E. I. Sha, Li Jun Jiang, Xiaowen Xiong, Zelin Zhu, Zhixia Wang, Yuqi Chen, Jiayu Zheng, Xinyue Wang, Menglin L. N. Chen

10 OAM multiplexing using uniform circular array and microwave circuit for short-range communication
Kentaro Murata, Naoki Honma

11 OAM communications in multipath environments
Xiaoming Chen, Wei Xue

12 High-capacity free-space communications using multiplexing of multiple OAM beams
Alan Willner, Runzhou Zhang, Kai Pang, Haoqian Song, Cong Liu, Hao Song, Xinzhou Su, Huibin Zhou, Nanzhou Hu, Zhe Zhao, Guodong Xie, Yongxiong Ren, Hao Huang, Moshe Tur

Part IV: Multidisciplinary Explorations of Electromagnetic Vortices

13 Theory of vector beams for chirality and magnetism detection of subwavelength particles
Filippo Capolino, Mina Hanifeh

14 Quantum applications of structured photons
Alessio D'Errico, Ebrahim Karimi
ZHI HAO JIANG, PHD, is Professor at the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves and Associate Dean of the School of Information Science and Engineering, Southeast University. He is the co-editor of Electromagnetics of Body-Area Networks: Antennas, Propagation, and RF Systems.

DOUGLAS H. WERNER, PhD, is Director of the Computational Electromagnetics and Antennas Research Lab, as well as a faculty member of the Materials Research Institute at Penn State. He is also Editor for the IEEE Press Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory & Applications.

D. H. Werner, The Pennsylvania State University