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Ceramics and Composites Processing Methods

Bansal, Narottam P. / Boccaccini, Aldo R. (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage April 2012
596 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-0-470-55344-2
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There is increasing interest in the application of ceramic materials in areas as diverse as transport, energy, environment and health. To address this trend, this single-source text supplies information on various processing and fabrication methods for advanced ceramics and ceramic composites with state-of-the-art research on methods, approaches, and techniques available for their processing and fabrication. A must-have for anyone pursuing this field, Processing of Ceramics and Composites tackles innovative technologies advancing the growing need for more reliable ceramic materials.

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Examines the latest processing and fabrication methods

There is increasing interest in the application of advanced ceramic materials in diverse areas such as transportation, energy, environmental protection and remediation, communications, health, and aerospace. This book guides readers through a broad selection of key processing techniques for ceramics and their composites, enabling them to manufacture ceramic products and components with the properties needed for various industrial applications. With chapters contributed by internationally recognized experts in the field of ceramics, the book includes traditional fabrication routes as well as new and emerging approaches in order to meet the increasing demand for more reliable ceramic materials.

Ceramics and Composites Processing Methods is divided into three sections:
* Densification, covering the fundamentals and practice of sintering, pulsed electric current sintering, and viscous phase silicate processing
* Chemical Methods, examining colloidal methods, sol-gel, gel casting, polymer processing, chemical vapor deposition, chemical vapor infiltration, reactive melt infiltration, and combustion synthesis
* Physical Methods, including directional solidification, solid free-form fabrication, microwave processing, electrophoretic deposition, and plasma spraying

Each chapter focuses on a particular processing method or approach. Collectively, these chapters offer readers comprehensive, state-of-the-science information on the many approaches, techniques, and methods for the processing and fabrication of advanced ceramics and ceramic composites.

With its coverage of the latest processing methods, Ceramics and Composites Processing Methods is recommended for researchers and students in ceramics, materials science, structural materials, biomedical engineering, and nanotechnology.



1. Sintering: Fundamentals and Practice
R. K. Bordia and H. Camacho-Montes

2. The Role of the Electrical Current and Field During Pulsed Electric Current Sintering
K. Vanmeemsel, A. Laptev, S. G. Huang, J. Vieugels, and O. Van der Biest

3. Viscous Phase Silicate Processing
R. Müller, S. Reinsch

Chemical Methods

4. Colloidal Methods
R. Moreno

5. Processing and Application of Sol-Gel Glass
E. H. Lan and B. Dunn

6. Gel Casting of Ceramic Bodies
K. T Faber and N. O. Shanti

7. Polymer Processing of Ceramics
E. Ionescu and R. Riedel

8. Chemical Vapor Deposition and Structural Ceramics and Composites
T. Goto

9. Chemical Vapor Infiltration (CVI) Processing of Ceramic Matrix Composities
A. Lazzeri and B. Cioni

10. Reactive Melt Infiltration Processing of Fiber-Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composites
N. Wali and J.-M. Yang

11. Combustion Synthesis - An Update
S. B. Bhaduri

Physical Methods

12. Directional Solidification
V. M. Orera and J. I. Peña

13. Solid Freeform Fabrication of 3D Ceramic Structures
J. E. Smay and J. A. Lewis

14. Microwave Processing of Ceramic and Ceramic Matrix Composite
C. Leonelli and P. Veronesi

15. Electrophoretic Deposition
M. Cannio, S. Novak, L. Besra, and A. R. Boccaccini

16. Processing of Ceramics by Plasma Spraying
R. Vaßen
Narottam P. Bansal, PhD, is Senior Research Scientist at the NASA Glenn Research Center, where he has conducted research on glasses, ceramics, and composites since 1985. In addition to publishing more than 230 papers, Dr. Bansal holds seven patents and is the author or editor of five books and 32 conference proceedings.

Aldo R. Boccaccini, Dr.-Ing., is Chair and Professor of Biomaterials in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. The holder of four patents, Dr. Boccaccini has coauthored more than 400 papers and edited four books and 14 conference proceedings.