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Dynamic Consultations with Psychiatrists

Understanding Severely Troubled Patients

Maratos, Jason


1. Auflage Juli 2022
256 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-90050-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Unique resource detailing the day-to-day activity of doctors who work on "the coal face" of psychiatry in an acute setting

Dynamic Consultations With Psychiatrists is the outcome of a collaboration between the psychiatrists of a certain hospital and the author, which has continued successfully for more than ten years, containing a number of patient consultations and cases where psychiatry was used successfully to solve a patient's problem. The presentation of each case, and particularly of the consultation, is meant to demonstrate the process by which insights were gained.

Each consultation is written in plain English with the deliberate avoidance of terminology and especially psychoanalytic jargon. Naturally, all identified features of the patients have been deleted or changed so that the patients' privacy is not compromised.

The format is near to a transcript so that the work demonstrates how the understanding evolves and emerges from the process. The structure of the book is not according to a diagnosis but according to "presenting problem" (in other words, the most prominent feature), allowing for easy and efficient accessibility.

Sample concepts and learning resources covered and included in Dynamic Consultations With Psychiatrists are as follows:
* How a doctor is faced with a patient who is suffering in their own particular way and how the clinician gets to develop a deeper understanding of their predicament
* Difficulties the "coal face" doctors encounter and the challenges they will face in their personal emotional wellbeing
* Relationships with the other professionals both within their hospital and other agencies
* Curtailed histories so that there is a seamless exposition of how the conclusions of the consultation have been reached

Psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and students/instructors in related programs of study can use Dynamic Consultations With Psychiatrists to gain valuable insight into the thought process of practicing psychiatrists in relation to a myriad of patient problems, allowing them to learn vicariously and become better at dealing with their own patients' problems.

Section 1: Affective presentations

1. Depression

2. Post-natal Depression

3. Bipolar Affective Disorder

4. Suicidal

Section 2: Neurotic presentations

5. Low mood - Suicidal Attempt

6. Anxiety

7. Agoraphobia

8. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

9. Emotional Dysregulation

10. Adjustment Disorder

Section 3: Eating Disorders

11. Bulimia

12. Deliberate Self-Harm; Self-Neglect

Section 4: Addictions

13. Alcoholism

14. Cocaine Addiction

Section 5: Psychosomatic Presentations

15. Fatigue

16. Sleeping Disorders

Section 6: Quasi Psychotic Phenomena

17. Ideas of persecution

18. Ideas of Reference; Hallucinations

19. Forensic - Shoplifting
Dr. Jason Maratos combines his training in biological and developmental psychiatry with the principles of analytical thinking in order to reach a global understanding of his patients and base their treatment on these insights. He has applied his experience in diverse settings, such as hospitals, schools, children's homes, social services family units and other settings. He has also facilitated the establishment of a new group analysis training institute.