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Nanotechnology in Plant Growth Promotion and Protection

Recent Advances and Impacts

Ingle, Avinash P. (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage August 2021
352 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-74585-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Discover the role of nanotechnology in promoting plant growth and protection through the management of microbial pathogens

In Nanotechnology in Plant Growth Promotion and Protection, distinguished researcher and author Dr. Avinash P. Ingle delivers a rigorous and insightful collection of some of the latest developments in nanotechnology particularly related to plant growth promotion and protection. The book focuses broadly on the role played by nanotechnology in growth promotion of plants and their protection through the management of different microbial pathogens.

You'll learn about a wide variety of topics, including the role of nanomaterials in sustainable agriculture, how nano-fertilizers behave as soil feed, and the dual role of nanoparticles in plant growth promotion and phytopathogen management. You'll also discover why nanotechnology has the potential to revolutionize the current agricultural landscape through the development of nano-based products, like plant growth promoters, nano-fertilizers, nano-pesticides, and nano-insecticides.

Find out why nano-based products promise to be a cost-effective, economically viable, and eco-friendly approach to tackling some of the most intractable problems in agriculture today.

You'll also benefit from the inclusion of:
* A thorough introduction to the prospects and impacts of using nanotechnology to promote the growth of plants and control plant diseases
* An exploration of the effects of titanium dioxide nanomaterials on plant growth and the emerging applications of zinc-based nanoparticles in plant growth promotion
* Practical discussions of nano-fertilizer in enhancing the production potentials of crops and the potential applications of nanotechnology in plant nutrition and protection for sustainable agriculture
* A concise treatment of nanotechnology in seed science and soil feed
* Toxicological concerns of nanomaterials used in agriculture

Perfect for undergraduate, graduate, and research students of nanotechnology, agriculture, plant science, plant physiology, and crops, Nanotechnology in Plant Growth Promotion and Protection will also earn a place in the libraries of professors and researchers in these areas, as well as regulators and policymakers.

1. Nanotechnology as a Smart Way to Promote the Growth of Plants and Control Plant Disease: Prospects and Impacts 2. Effects of Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterials on Plants Growth 3. The Emerging Applications of Zinc-based Nanoparticles in Plant Growth Promotion 4. Nanofertilizer in Enhancing the Production Potentials of Crops 5. Potential Applications of Nanotechnology in Plant Nutrition and Protection for Sustainable Agriculture 6. Immunity in Early Life: Nanotechnology in Seed Science and Soil Feed 7. Effects of Natural Organic Matter on Bioavailability of Elements from Inorganic Nanomaterials 8. Induction of Stress Tolerance in Crops by Applying Nanomaterials 9. Nanoparticles as Elicitors of Biologically Active Ingredients in Plants 10. Dual Role of Nanoparticles in Plant Growth and Phytopathogen Management 11. Role of Metal based Nanoparticles in Plant Protection 12. Role of Zinc-based Nanoparticles in Controlling Plant Diseases 13. Effect of Different Metal Oxide Nanoparticles on Plant Growth 14. Biostimulation and Toxicity: Two Levels of Action of Nanomaterials in Plants 15. Toxicological Concerns of Nanomaterials used in Agriculture
Avinash P. Ingle, Ramanujan Fellow, Biotechnology Centre, Department of Agricultural Botany, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Agricultural University, Akola, Maharashtra, India. His research focus is on nanobiotechnology and nano-biofuel technology and he has over 10 years of research experience in the field of nanotechnology.

A. P. Ingle, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola, India