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Human and Ecological Risk Assessment

Theory and Practice, Set

Paustenbach, Dennis J. (Herausgeber)


3. Auflage Mai 2024
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Understand the fundamentals of human risk assessment with this introduction and reference

Human risk assessments are a precondition for virtually all industrial action or environmental regulation, all the more essential in a world where chemical and environmental hazards are becoming more abundant. These documents catalog potential environmental, toxicological, ecological, or other harms resulting from a particular hazard, from chemical spills to construction projects to dangerous workplaces. They turn on a number of variables, of which the most significant is the degree of human exposure to the hazardous agent or process.

Human and Ecological Risk Assessment combines the virtues of a textbook and reference work to introduce and analyze these vital documents. Beginning with the foundational theory of human health risk assessment, it then supplies case studies and detailed analysis illustrating the practice of producing risk assessment documents. Fully updated and authored by leading authorities in the field, the result is an indispensable work.

Readers of the second edition of Human and Ecological Risk Assessment will also find:
* Over 40 entirely new case studies reflecting the latest in risk assessment practice
* Detailed discussion of hazards including air emissions, contaminated food and soil, hazardous waste sites, and many more
* Case studies from multiple countries to reflect diverse international standards

Human and Ecological Risk Assessment is ideal for professionals and advanced graduate students in toxicology, industrial hygiene, occupational medicine, environmental science, and all related subjects.

List of Contributors ix

Foreword to the Third Edition xv

Foreword to the Second Edition xix

Foreword to the First Edition xxiii

Preface xxv

About the Editor xxix

Volume 1

Section A Theory: Human Health Assessment 1

1 Primer on Human and Environmental Risk Assessment 3
Dennis J. Paustenbach, Blake T. Langenbach, and Richard J. Wenning

2 Hazard Identification (Humans) 71
Dennis J. Paustenbach and Richard J. Wenning

3 Hazard Identification (Environmental) 91
Richard J. Wenning and Dennis J. Paustenbach

4 Dose-Response Assessment (Cancer and Non-Cancer) 125
Dennis J. Paustenbach and Louis A. Cox Jr

5 Exposure Assessment 157
Dennis J. Paustenbach, Amy K. Madl, and Andrey Massarsky

6 Risk Characterization 263
Pamela R.D. Williams and Dennis J. Paustenbach

Section B Case Studies of Human Health Hazards of Various Contaminated Media 333

B.1 Case Studies Involving Contaminated Water 335

7 Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Drinking Water: A Retrospective Case Series with Risk Assessments 337
Daniel G. Kougias, Allison Killius, Justin Collins, Eric Russman, and Mark Maddaloni

B.2 Case Studies Involving Contaminated Soils 397

8 Quantitative Risk Assessment for Synthetic Biology: A Case Study of Plastics Degradation in Municipal Landfill 399
Anna Ulanova, Ping Gong, Benjamin D. Trump, Christopher L. Cummings, and Igor Linkov

9 Dose Reconstructions for Radionuclides: Case Study Involving Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (HPNS), California 415
David Brew, Ayla Pavelka, Jack Buddenbaum, Michael E. Stevens, Dennis J. Paustenbach, and Robert D. Gibbons

B.3 Case Studies Involving Air Contaminants 469

10 Mathematical Modeling of Environmental and Occupational Exposure 471
David H. Collins, Nitheesh George, and James Brett

B.4 Case Studies Involving Consumer Products 497

11 Health Risk Assessment of Consumer Products: Case Studies of DEHP Exposure From Disposable Plastic Packaging and Formaldehyde Exposure From a Residential Couch 499
Rachel N. Hirani, Jennifer L. Bare, and Claire Mathis

12 Health Risks of Fungi in the Built Environment 525
Jeffrey Hicks and Ryan Lewis

13 A Risk Assessment of Cosmetic Talc for the Development of Mesothelioma and Ovarian Cancer 541
A. Michael Ierardi, Amanda Burns, Ania Urban, and Brent Finley

14 Proposition 65 and Exposure Assessment Methods 571
Renee M. Kalmes, Melinda T. Donnell, Keith Morris-Schaffer, and Carolyn G. Scrafford

15 Latest Developments in the Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials: A Framework for Advanced Materials and Emerging Technologies 583
Jo Anne Shatkin, James Ede, and Kimberly Ong

Volume 2

B.5 Case Studies Involving Occupational Exposure 609

16 Assessment of Human Health Risks Associated with Changing Clothes and Handling Work Uniforms Containing Foundry Dust 611
Jason T. Lotter, Tyler V. Ferracini, Benjamin Roberts, and Thomas J. Slavin

17 A Review of Take-Home Exposure and Risk Associated with the Handling of Clothing Contaminated with Asbestos 643
Tyler V. Ferracini and Jennifer Sahmel

18 Case Study: Occupational Use, Exposures, and Environmental Chamber Studies of Human Eye and Respiratory Irritation Responses for a Peracetic Acid-based Hospital Surface Disinfectant 671
B.D. Kerger , A.E. Loccisano, and P. Dalton

B.6 Methods for Conducting Exposure Assessments for Children 717

19 Children's Health and Exposure to Chemicals in the Natural and Built Environment 719
Susan Goldhaber , Rachel Slover , Ashley Mullikin , Nicolle Tulve, and Elaine A. Cohen Hubal

20 Assessing Children's Exposure to Contaminants in House Dust: A Case Study of Flame Retardants 747
Nicole M. DeLuca and Elaine A. Cohen Hubal

B.7 Assessment of Tainted Foods 779

21 Microbial Risk Assessment 781
Antony D. G. Jones

Section C Theory: Ecological Risk Assessment 833

22 Fundamentals of Ecological Risk Assessment 835
Richard J. Wenning

23 Application of Weight of Evidence in Ecological Risk Assessment 865
Katherine Coady , Mary Sorensen , Thomas Steeger , and Paige Leitman

Section D Case Studies in Environmental and Aquatic Risk Assessment 897

24 Case Study - Screening Level Ecological Risk Assessment of Residual Soil Contamination at a Former Munitions Disposal Landfill 899
Richard J. Wenning

25 Assessing Risks to Wildlife from Exposures to Chemicals 917
Bradley E. Sample, Mark S. Johnson, and Dwayne R.J. Moore

Section E Important Topics Related to Environment Assessment 975

26 Emerging Frameworks and Tools for Environmental Risk Assessment 977
Charles A. Menzie, Taryn Horr , Roxolana Kashuba, Michael W. Kierski , Konrad J. Kulacki ,Margaret E. McArdle, Sean F. Ryan, and Alicia A. Taylor

27 Tiered Environmental Causal Analysis 1009
Charles A. Menzie, Michael W. Kierski, William Goodfellow , and Roxolana Kashuba

Section F Risk Assessment Policy and Practice in Countries Outside the United States 1031

28 Risk Scoring Methods for Ranking Hazards to Human Health and Environment - Contaminated Sites as a Case Study 1033
Victor Gabriel Kabay

29 Australian Case Studies Involving Exposure to PFOS 1051
Tarah G. Hagen, Giorgio De Nola, Anthony Lane, and Jill Woodworth

30 How Risk Assessments Are Conducted in Germany; Including a Case Study 1091
Helmut Greim

Section G Carcinogens in Perspective 1101

31 Misconceptions about the Causes of Cancer 1103
Lois Swirsky Gold, Bruce N. Ames, and Thomas H. Slone

Section H Research Methods, Economics, and Risk Communication 1131

32 Evidence-Based Methods in Toxicology: Systematic Review and Systematic Evidence Mapping 1133
Daniele Wikoff and Seneca Fitch

33 Risk Assessment and Regulatory Impact Analysis 1149
Susan E. Dudley and George M. Gray

34 Co-Benefits, Countervailing Risks, and Cost-Benefit Analysis 1167
John D. Graham and Jonathan B. Wiener

35 Communicating Risks 1189
Hugh D. Walpole and Robyn S. Wilson

Index 1203
Dennis J. Paustenbach, PhD, has more than 35 years experience in the field of risk assessment and has conducted as many as 1000 risk assessments personally. He was the founder of ChemRisk and has published extensively on risk assessment and related subjects.

D. J. Paustenbach, McLaren Environmental Engineering, Alameda, California