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Comprehensive Organic Transformations

A Guide to Functional Group Preparations. 4 Volume Set

Dubrovskiy, Anton V. / Kesharwani, Tanay / Markina, Nataliya A. / Pletnev, Alexandre A. / Raminelli, Cristiano / Yao, Tuanli / Zeni, Gilson / Zhang, Li / Zhang, Xiaoxia / Rozhkov, Roman / Worlikar, Shilpa A. / Molina, María Teresa / Russell, Charles E.


3. Auflage März 2018
4056 Seiten, Hardcover
Larock, Richard C. (Herausgeber)

ISBN: 978-0-470-92795-3
John Wiley & Sons


Die wesentlich erweiterte Neuauflage dieses Bestsellers bietet eine enzyklopädische und systematische Sammlung nützlicher synthetischer Methoden, inkl. zehntausende Reaktionen und synthetische Transformationen. Frühere Auflagen wurden von der Fachpresse hochgelobt.

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This greatly-expanded new edition of a best-selling guide offers an encyclopedic and systematic collection of useful synthetic methodology, including tens of thousands of reactions and synthetic transformations.
* Covers and cross references so practicing chemists can easily navigate through the book's comprehensive coverage of reagents and reactions
* Updates and expands a best-selling guide through the year 2011

"...the book is undoubtedly still of great value and every chemist working in the area of synthesis should have it within reach in the laboratory."
--Angewandte Chemie review of the 2nd edition

" indispensable reference work for designing and carrying out modern organic chemical synthesis.... It is amazing that so much information is contained in a single volume that is arranged in a logical and easy to use fashion."
--Analytical Biochemistry review of the 2nd edition

Richard C. Larock, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Iowa State University. He is a pioneer in the use of palladium catalysts in organic synthesis, particularly in the synthesis of carbocycles and heterocycles. Dr. Larock has given over 420 research presentations and published about 350 articles, 32 patents, and 4 books including two editions of the bestselling classic Comprehensive Organic Transformations (Wiley 1996 and 1999).