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Everything Will Be OK

A Story of Hope, Love and Perspective

Crossland, Michael


2. Auflage September 2020
248 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-0-7303-8501-1
John Wiley & Sons

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'Michael can silence a crowd with his story of triumph over adversity. If you need a dash of hope or inspiration in your life right now, start reading.' Catriona Rowntree, bestselling author and host of Getaway


Everything Will Be OK is the awe-inspiring story of Michael's journey from enduring life-threatening cancer as a child, to representing Australia playing baseball in the USA, to becoming an accomplished businessman and a globally in-demand inspirational speaker, starting an orphanage in Haiti and taking national ambassador roles with many organisations including Camp Quality.

When Michael was initially diagnosed as a child, his chances of survival were practically zero and by his second birthday doctors had reluctantly given up hope. Then one day he was offered one remote chance to fight back-placement in an experimental drug program. Against all odds, he survived. He was the only program participant to do so. But he didn't make it through unscathed. To this day he lives with permanent scars-a severely burnt lung, damaged heart, and an intensely sensitive immune system.

In this stirring memoir, Michael shares his story of hardship and challenges that many of us wouldn't even dream of facing, and reveals how a steadfast mindset, genuine compassion, tireless drive, and unwavering optimism helped him to overcome even the strongest obstacles. It is a simple and enduring belief that everything will be OK.

Foreword xiii

About the author xv

Introduction xix

1 Before I Was Born 1

2 Such An Innocent Day

That Changed Our Lives Forever 7

3 Treatment 15

4 Another Glimpse of Hope 33

5 Dreams Save Lives 43

6 The Day That Was Never to Happen 49

7 Heart Stopped At Age 12! 57

8 Blood, Sweat and Tears 67

9 So Began My Career -- Or Was It 89

10 Living Into My Legacy 103

11 The Power of Giving 119

12 A Dream Followed By a Nightmare 145

13 Striving to Serve, Not Earn 161

14 Becoming a Dad 177

15 Dealing With Fear Through Faith 193

16 Tools to Shift Your Mindset 203

17 Where to From Here 219