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The Little Book of Being Brilliant

Cope, Andy


1. Auflage April 2019
248 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-0-85708-797-3
John Wiley & Sons

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The latest and greatest insights on happiness from around the world

The Little Book of Being Brilliant is a 'greatest hits' compilation of the best and the latest information from the science of positive psychology. Top-selling author Andy Cope exercises his PhD in happiness, along with his decades of experience bringing 'The Art of Being Brilliant' to rapt audiences around the world, to distill the tips, techniques, facts and ideas you need to know to achieve sustainable wellbeing and happiness in your own life. Andy's keen for you to know that he wants you to enjoy the experience, hence his 'laugh 'n' learn' approach.

Inside, you'll find guidance for taking action in the form of activities and challenges that will help you implement the latest empirical evidence on happiness. You'll learn why most people are miles away from feeling as great as they could, and what to do about it. Whether you're motivated to improve your daily life or looking for the insights that will super-charge your career, or in search of inspiration for your students or your team, this little book will set you in motion toward living brilliantly.
* Develop resilience and embrace positivity by setting goals and taking charge of your life
* Learn, once and for all, what science says about the connection between money and happiness
* Overcome road rage and other forms of negativity that are dragging you down in the day-to-day
* Internalize the latest positivity wisdom for work, sport, parenting, relationships, and more

There's absolutely no filler in The Little Book of Being Brilliant, and no need to sift through half-baked ideas or wisdom that researchers have already overturned. For the latest proven techniques on getting happy and achieving success, along with the motivation required to put those techniques into practice, pick up this energetic and inspiring book today.

Andy Cope's day job is as the UK's first official 'Dr of Happiness' (PhD, Loughborough) which gives him a strong media platform on all things 'happiness' and 'wellbeing' Andy has written various best-selling personal development books (including two for teenagers) for Capstone, Hodder and Crown House. Andy describes himself as a "professional trainer, qualified teacher, author and learning junkie". He has completed a Doctorate at the University of Loughborough, investigating the science of happiness and positivity. He founded 'Art of Brilliance' in 2004. His aim, to blaze a new trail -- one that was non-academic, totally rooted in the real world and that would make a massive and immediate impact on individuals and organisations. Andy has a passion for motivation and positive psychology and is trying to influence people to think differently. He has delivered The Art of Being Brilliant workshop to rave reviews in businesses and schools throughout the UK, Middle East and Southern Africa. Andy has also written The Art of Being Brilliant, The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager, Shine and Diary of a Brilliant Kid.