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Mindfulness Pocketbook

Little Exercises for a Calmer Life

Hasson, Gill


2. Auflage August 2020
144 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-0-85708-872-7
John Wiley & Sons

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Develop balance and harmony in all areas of life through mindfulness

The second edition of the Mindfulness Pocketbook: Little Exercises for a Calmer Life brings you exercises and practices to achieve greater balance and harmony in all areas of your life. You'll find new ideas for enjoying nature, being mindful at work, staying physically active, and encouraging creativity. With this book, you can discover how mindfulness opens you up to new ideas and fresh ways of doing things. You'll have a new approach to reducing stress and increasing your enjoyment.

This revised edition of the bestselling Mindfulness Pocketbook shares guidance on new paths to living more harmoniously.
* Be mindful in the outdoors, communing with nature
* Use mindful techniques to enhance creativity
* Practice mindful physical activity for a healthy body and mind
* Add mindfulness to your workday

The new section in this pocketbook edition encourages you to treat yourself to small pleasures, learn a new skill, and take time for relaxation and holidays. A calmer, more balanced life is closer than you think!


1. Creating a mindfulness habit

2. Bringing out your Confidence

3. Developing your ability to 'Read' others

4. Keeping on top when the pressure's on

5. Managing a panic attack

6. Using your breath

7. Reading Poetry

8.Managing Interuptions

9. Being spiritually aware

10 Listening instead of just hearing

11.Having a Beginners mind

12. Slowing down

13 Walking Meditations

14 Gaining a sense of Perspective

15 Finding a way to Forgive

16. Acknowledging and Being Aware

17. Engaging with trees

18. Optimising your time

19. Falling Asleep

20. Parenting small children

21. Being Generous

22. Focusing your Multitasking

23. Tuning in to your Intuition

24.Indulging in small pleasures

25. Asserting yourself and saying no

26. Bringing the outside in

27. Accepting This is What It Is

28. Overcoming cravings

29. Letting go of Worry and anxiety

30. Laughing more

31. Making balanced Decisions

32. Spending time with Positive people

33. Holding back from Overeating

34. Being Non judgemental

35. Doing work the matches your values

36. Connect with animals

37. Building your Courage

38. Being Persuasive

39 Commuting; taking it your stride

40. Taking control of Anger

41. Dealing with rudeness

42. Following a dream

43. Understanding Where your food comes from

44. Walking mindfully

45. Understanding that all things come and go

46. Switching off the engine of your mind

47. Building up your Willpower

48. Practicing Compassion

49. Meeting Deadlines

50. Taking photos

51. Having Patience In the Unfloding of Events

52. Managing Distractions

53. Being Thankful

54. Giving Compliments

55. Cooking and connecting with food

56. Managing moments of Loneliness

57. Singing your heart out

58. Performing Spontaneous acts of kindness

59. Focusing and Engaging your Attention

60. Managing Change

61. Knowing when to Start over


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