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Dentistry in Rabbits and Rodents

Boehmer, Estella


1. Auflage April 2015
296 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-118-80254-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Dentistry in Rabbits and Rodents is a practical guide aimed at helping clinicians successfully diagnose and treat dental problems in rabbits and rodents within their own surgeries. With over two-thirds of small mammals presenting with tooth related problems, there is great potential to enhance the treatment offered to the owners of these species. Focusing on innovative diagnostics using normal radiographic machines as well as specific positioning techniques, radiographs are presented with reference lines and detailed annotations. Richly illustrated with high quality photographs, pathological findings are described before selection of appropriate therapy and treatment is discussed.

Key features include:
* Covers the dental anatomy and physiology of all small mammal species commonly kept as pets.
* Intraoral radiography and innovative positioning for imaging the guinea pig and chinchilla dentitions are described, enabling the practitioner to visualize each tooth in detail.
* Once a diagnosis has been reached, selection of different treatments and the advantages and disadvantages of each surgical technique are discussed.
* Offers helpful directives for approaching and treating dental disease without the need for referral to a specialist or the use of expensive equipment.

- Basics of odontology

- Anatomical characteristics in rabbits and rodents

- Clinical check-up

- Diagnostic radiology

- Computertomography

- Anaesthesia and analgesia

- Instruments / different techniques of tooth trimming (radical versus decent)

- Pathological changes of the incisors

- Pathological changes of the cheek teeth

- Abscesses (diagnostic and different treatments)

- Parodontopathies and caries in rabbits and rodents

- Pathology of the temporomandibular joint

- Symphysiolysis (diagnosis and treatment)

- Jaw fractures

- Postoperative treatment
Overall I am very impressed with the book. It has incredible detail and fantastic photographs, with many excellent suggestions on ways to improve radiographic technique and treatment techniques. The suggestions seem so simple and straightforward, yet have not been commonly used or thought of until now. This book provides much needed detailed, step-by-step information on how to diagnose and treat the most common problems identified in small mammals. This book will change the way I practice rabbit and rodent dentistry, in a good way!
Dr. Kris Bannon, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC
President, American Veterinary Dental Society
This book is an outstanding work of scholarship. This work represents a significant contribution to the veterinary literature. Veterinarians on VIN ask questions about rabbit and rodent dental issues literally on a daily basis. This book will fill a gigantic void in answering such questions.
Dr. Ned Gentz, MS DVM, DACZM
Veterinary Information Network
Every now and then a book is published in veterinary medicine which will set new standards - Dentistry in Rabbits and Rodents by Dr. Estella Böhmer is definitely one! Rabbit and rodent dentistry is absolutely taken to the next level with this outstanding publication. I am glad that Dr Böhmer shares her wealth of knowledge with us with this book.
Dr. Jörg Mayer, DVM, MS, DABVP (ECM), DECZM (Small mammal), DACZM
Associate Professor of Zoological Medicine,
College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia

The main feature of this textbook is the clear and compact text illustrated with many photographs, allowing the reader to find information quickly. For enthusiasts the text is complemented with a very detailed collection of references for further reading. This textbook is a very valuable component of every veterinary library.
Dr. Gottfried Morgenegg-Wegmüller, Switzerland
Past President, European Veterinary Dental Society

The book is unique in its message of paying more attention to diagnosing and, if possible, treating primary causes of dental disorders in rabbits and rodents. It is also unique in presenting such a wealth of knowledge of dental anatomy, physiology, practical hints and tips, and cutting edge treatment methods for those species.
Simone Kirby, MRCVS
Diplomate of the European Veterinary Dental College, Past-President of the British Veterinary Dental Association
Dr Estella Böhmer, DVM, Dr. med. vet. is Senior Physician at the Clinic of Small Animal Surgery and Reproduction, Centre for Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany, and head of the department for small mammal surgery. She is an official consultant on small mammals for the Veterinary Information Network. She also lectures on small mammal dentistry seminars in Germany.