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Medical Student Survival Skills

History Taking and Communication Skills

Jevon, Philip

Medical Student Survival Skills


1. Auflage April 2019
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ISBN: 978-1-118-86268-1
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Medical students encounter many challenges on their path to success, from managing their time, applying theory to practice, and passing exams. The Medical Student Survival Skills series helps medical students navigate core subjects of the curriculum, providing accessible, short reference guides for OSCE preparation and hospital placements. These guides are the perfect tool for achieving clinical success.

Medical Student Survival Skills: History Taking and Communication Skills is a concise and compact guide to obtaining and recording medical histories and achieving positive patient interactions. The first section explores taking history--from initial introduction to identifying symptoms--and includes abdominal and chest pain, dizziness and vertigo, shortness of breath, sexual history, confusion and loss of memory. Essential patient communication skills and strategies for various situations are described in the second section, including angry patients, instances of drug and alcohol abuse, diabetes counselling and breaking bad news.

History Taking

1.History Taking: Abdominal distention

2.History Taking: Abdominal pain in pregnancy

3.History Taking: Abdominal Pain

4.History Taking: Alcohol Intake

5.History Taking: Amenorrhoea

6.History Taking: Anxiety

7.History Taking: Ataxia

8.History Taking: Back Pain

9.History Taking: Chest Pain

10.History Taking: Collapse & Loss of Conciousness(LOC)

11.History Taking: Confusion

12.History Taking: Constipation

13.History Taking: Cough

14.History Taking: Deliberate Self Harm

15.History Taking: Diarrhoea

16.History Taking: dizziness and vertigo

17.History Taking: Dyspepsia

18.History Taking: Dysphagia

19.History Taking: Dysphasia

20.History Taking: Dysuria

21.History Taking: Otalgia - Ear Ache

22.History Taking: Falls

23.History Taking: Fever

24.History Taking: Haematemesis

25.History Taking: Haematuria

26.History Taking: Haemoptysis

27.History Taking: Headache

28.History Taking: Hoarseness

29.History Taking: Jaundice

30.History taking: Joint Pain

31.History Taking: Acute Leg Pain (Ischaemic Leg)

32.History Taking: Leg Ulcer

33.History Taking: Loin Pain

34.History Taking: Loss of Memory

35.History Taking: Low Mood

36.History Taking: Lumps and Bumps

37.History Taking: Malaena

38.History Taking: Menorrhagia

39.History Taking: Nausea

40.History Taking: Numbness and Weakness

41.History Taking Paeditarics: Diarrhoea

42.History Taking Paediatrics: Convulsions/seizures

43.History Taking Paediatrics: Difficulty in breathing

44.History Taking Paediatrics: Non Specific Unwell Neonate

45.History Taking Paediatrics: Vomiting

46.History Taking Paediatrics : Wheeze

47.History Taking: Pain

48.History Taking: Palpitations

49.History Taking: Paresthesias

50.History Taking: PR Bleeding

51.History Taking: Pre Operative Assessment

52.History Taking: PV Bleeding in Pregnancy

53.History Taking: Pruritus

54.History Taking: PV bleed

55.History Taking: PV discharge

56.History Taking: Rash

57.History Taking: Red eye - painless

58.History Taking: Red eye - painful

59.History Taking: Seizure

60.History Taking: Sexual History from a female patient

61.History Taking: Sexual History from a male patient

62.History Taking: Shortness of breath

63.History Taking: Stridor

64.History Taking: Substance Misuse

65.History Taking: Swollen legs/ankles

66.History Taking: Syncope

67.History Taking: Tiredness/Lethargy

68.History Taking: Tremor

69.History Taking: Unilateral Leg Swelling

70.History Taking : Varicose Veins

71.History Taking: Vomiting

72.History Taking: Weight gain

73.History Taking: Weight Loss

74.History Taking: Wheeze

Communication Skills

1.Communication Skills: Alcohol Advice

2.Communication: The Angry Patient

3.Communication: Breaking Bad News (result)

4.Communication Skills: The Deaf Patient

5.Communication: Diabetes Counselling

6.Communication: Explaining a clinical procedure

7.Communication: Insulin Counselling

8.Communication: Lifestyle advice post Myocardial Infarction

9.Communication: Cessation of smoking

10.Communication: Oral steroids: Counselling
Phil Jevon is Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Birmingham Medical School and Academy Manager and Tutor, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, Manor Hospital, Walsall, UK.

Steve Odogwu is Consultant Surgeon, Senior Academy Tutor, Walsall Teaching Academy, Manor Hospital, Walsall, UK.

P. Jevon, Manor Hospital, Walsall