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Composite Structures

Effects of Defects

Elhajjar, Rani / Grant, Peter N. / Ashforth, Cindy


1. Auflage Oktober 2018
240 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-118-99770-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Presents the latest strategies in the development and use of composite materials for large structures and the effects of defects

Practical Design and Validation of Composites Structures: Effects of Defects offers an important guide to the use of fiber-reinforced composites and how they affect the durability and safety of engineering structures such as aircraft, ships, bridges, wind turbines as well as sporting equipment. The text draws on the authors' direct experience in industry and academia to cover the most recent strategies in the development of composite structures and uniquely integrates the assessment of the effects of defects introduced during production.

This comprehensive resource builds on an essential introduction to the characteristics of composites and the most common types of defects encountered in production. The authors review the recent manufacturing methods and technologies used for inspecting composite structures and the design issues related to an analysis of their failure and strength incorporating the variability of processing. The text also contains information on the latest regulatory requirements and the relevant standards associated with the testing and design within a robust design philosophy and approach. This important resource:
* Offers a comprehensive review of the most current regulatory developments in the use of composites for the construction of complex composite structures
* Presents information on the basic characteristics of composites
* Includes testing strategies for determining the impacts of production defects
* Reviews the most current manufacturing methods and inspection technologies in the field
* Contains methods for statistical analysis and processing of experimental effects of defects test data

Written for professional engineers in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, civil engineering, and energy engineering as well as industry and academic researchers, Practical Design and Validation of Composites Structures: Effects of Defects is the hands-on text that covers the essential information needed to understand the use of composites and how they affect complex engineering projects using composites.

1. Characteristics of Composites

2. Design Methodology and Regulatory Requirements

3. Material, Manufacturing and Service Defects

4. Inspection Methods

5. Effects of Defects - Design Values and Statistical Considerations

6. Selected Case Studies in Effects of Defects
RANI ELHAJJAR is Fulbright scholar and tenured associate professor at the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. His experiences include senior positions in quality, certification, and build reliability engineering at Intel, Boeing and SpaceX.

PETER GRANT has over 35 years' experience in Aerospace specializing in analysis and design of composite structures, with a background also in metallic airframe primary structure. Primary positions held have been leads at both British Aerospace and the Boeing company.

CINDY ASHFORTH has over 25 years' experience in aircraft certification as both a certification manager and composite specialist. She is the FAA's Senior Technical Specialist for Advanced Composite Materials, where she manages the FAA's Composite Plan and supports composite continued operational safety, certification, and education initiatives.