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The Handbook of Speech Production

Redford, Melissa A.

Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics


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616 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-02914-4
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The Handbook of Speech Production is the first reference work to provide an overview of this burgeoning area of study. Twenty-four chapters written by an international team of authors examine issues in speech planning, motor control, the physical aspects of speech production, and external factors that impact speech production.
* Contributions bring together behavioral, clinical, computational, developmental, and neuropsychological perspectives on speech production to create a rich and truly interdisciplinary resource
* Offers a novel and timely contribution to the literature and showcases a broad spectrum of research in speech production, methodological advances, and modeling
* Coverage of planning, motor control, articulatory coordination, the speech mechanism, and the effect of language on production processes

Notes on Contributors vii

Acknowledgments xii

1 Introduction 1
Melissa A. Redford

Part I The Speech Mechanism 11

2 Speech Breathing Across the Life Span and in Disease 13
Jessica E. Huber and Elaine T. Stathopoulos

3 Mechanisms of Voice Production 34
Brad H. Story

4 Supralaryngeal Articulators in the Oropharyngeal Region 59
Kiyoshi Honda

5 Jaw and Lips 79
Pascal H.H.M. Van Lieshout

6 Velopharyngeal Function in Speech Production: Some Developmental and Structural Considerations 109
David J. Zajac

Part II Coordination and Multimodal Speech 131

7 Interarticulatory Coordination: Speech Sounds 133
Philip Hoole and Marianne Pouplier

8 Rhythm and Speech 158
Fred Cummins

9 Auditory-Visual Speech Processing: Something Doesn't Add Up 178
Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson and Kevin G. Munhall

10 Multimodal Speech Production 200
Lucie Ménard

Part III Speech Motor Control 223

11 Motor Equivalence in Speech Production 225
Pascal Perrier and Susanne Fuchs

12 Orofacial Cutaneous Function in Speech Motor Control and Learning 248
Takayuki Ito

13 Auditory Feedback 267
John Houde and Srikantan Nagarajan

14 Speech Production in Motor Speech Disorders: Lesions, Models, and a Research Agenda 298
Gary Weismer and Jordan R. Green

15 Process-Oriented Diagnosis of Childhood and Adult Apraxia of Speech (CAS and AOS) 331
Ben Maassen and Hayo Terband

Part IV Sequencing and Planning 351

16 Central Tenets of the Frame/Content Theory of Evolution and Acquisition of Speech Production 353
Peter F. MacNeilage

17 The Acquisition of Temporal Patterns 379
Melissa A. Redford

18 Insights for Speech Production Planning from Errors in Inner Speech 404
Gary S. Dell and Gary M. Oppenheim

19 Prosodic Frames in Speech Production 419
Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel

20 Fluency and Disfluency 445
Robin J. Lickley

Part V Language Factors 475

21 Insights from the Field 477
Didier Demolin

22 Language Effects on Timing at the Segmental and Suprasegmental Levels 505
Taehong Cho

23 Cross-Language Differences in Acquisition 530
Jan R. Edwards, Mary E. Beckman, and Benjamin Munson

24 Effects of Language on Motor Processes in Development 555
Lisa Goffman

Index of Authors 578

Index of Subjects 592
"The Handbook of Speech Production provides an excellent up-to-date coverage of the planning, acquisition and production mechanisms of phonetic sounds and higher level linguistic units both in normal and disordered speech. It should become a reference book for linguists, psychologists and speech pathologists in years to come."
Daniel Recasens, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

"The Handbook of Speech Production represents a highly valuable work based upon a comprehensive collection of state-of-the-art surveys, extending from speech breathing mechanisms to the interaction of 'language factors' with motor processes during speech acquisition."
Herrman Ackermann, University of Tuebingen, Germany

"This collection is well focused and timely, associating basic structures of language and speech. It's good to see cognitive aspects of speech are represented. Definitely a must for anyone with an interest in speech production modelling."
Katherine Morton (PhD), former Research Fellow
Melissa A. Redford is Professor of Linguistics at University of Oregon, USA, with a broad cognitive sciences background. She received her PhD in Psychology at the University of Texas and completed an NRSA Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computer Science, also at the University of Texas, before joining the faculty at the University of Oregon in 2002. Her research focuses on the development and structure of the speech plan and on the parameters that control rate, rhythm, emphasis, and style changes in spoken language.

M. A. Redford, University of Oregon, USA