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The Wiley Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences, Volume 3, Personality Processes and Individuals Differences

Carducci, Bernardo J. / Nave, Christopher S. / Di Fabio, Annamaria / Saklofske, Donald H. / Stough, Con (Herausgeber)


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The Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences (EPID) is organized into four volumes that look at the many likenesses and differences between individuals. Each of these four volumes focuses on a major content area in the study of personality psychology and individuals' differences. The first volume, Models and Theories, surveys the significant classic and contemporary viewpoints, perspectives, models, and theoretical approaches to the study of personality and individuals' differences (PID). The second volume on Measurement and Assessment examines key classic and modern methods and techniques of assessment in the study of PID. Volume III, titled Personality Processes and Individuals Differences, covers the important traditional and current dimensions, constructs, and traits in the study of PID. The final volume discusses three major categories: clinical contributions, applied research, and cross-cultural considerations, and touches on topics such as culture and identity, multicultural identities, cross-cultural examinations of trait structures and personality processes, and more.
* Each volume contains approximately 100 entries on personality and individual differences written by a diverse international panel of leading psychologists
* Covers significant classic and contemporary personality psychology models and theories, measurement and assessment techniques, personality processes and individuals differences, and research
* Provides a comprehensive and in-depth overview of the field of personality psychology

The Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences is an important resource for all psychology students and professionals engaging in the study and research of personality.


Aggression, Personality Correlates of



Androgyny, Expressions of




Behavioral Inhibition/Activation, Personalilty Correlates of

Big Five Model of Personality

Achievement, Cognitive and Personality Correlates of


Compulsive Personality


Core Self-evaluation


Culture and Personality

Dark Triad

Decisional Styles

Defense Mechanisms, Contemporary Perspectives of


Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Ed ( DSM-5)

Empathy, Personality Correlates of

Emotional Intelligence, Correlates of

Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship, Personality Correlates of

Evolutionary Theory and Personality Correlates of Mate Selection

Eysenck Giant Three

Extraversion, Personality Correlates of


Gender Differences in Aggression

Gender Differences in Perceived Personality Traits of Men and Women

Gender Differences in Self-esteem and Self-confidence

Gender Differences in Subjective Well-being

General Personality Factor

Genetic Bases of Personality

Gene-Environment Interaction

Genius, Personality Correlates


Health and Personality



Hostility, Personality Correlates of




Judgments of Personality

Learned Helplessness

Life Satisfaction

Locus of Control, Personality Correlates of



Motivation (achievement, affiliation, power)

Neuroticism, Personality Correlates of

Obsessive Personality

Optimism/Positivism vs. Pessimism/Negativism


Persistence, Personality Correlates of

Personality Development


Positive Self-capital



Risk Taking

Self-concept, Expressions of the




Self-efficacy, Career

Self-esteem, Expressions of


Sensation Seeking


16 PF, Correlates of

Social Desirability

Social Intelligence

Temperament, Personality Correlates of

Test Anxiety



Twin Studies and Personality

Unconscious Processes, Expression of Personality Processes

Bem, Sandra L.

Cattell, Raymond B.

Csìkszentmihàlyi, Milhàly

Gray, Jeffery A.

Jackson, Douglas N.

Kihlstrom, John F.

Maddi, Salvatore R.

Norem, Julie K.

Plomin, Robert J.

Rotter, Julian B.

Savickas, Mark L.

Simonton, Dean Keith

Zuckerman, Marvin
Bernardo J. Carducci, PhD, was professor of psychology at Indiana University Southeast where he taught classes on personality psychology and introductory psychology for 37 years, and was director of the IU Southeast Shyness Research Institute. He authored several books on shyness, including The Pocket Guide to Making Successful Small Talk: How to Talk to Anyone Anytime Anywhere About Anything and Shyness: A Bold New Approach. His text, Psychology of Personality: Viewpoints, Research, and Applications, is currently in its third edition.

Christopher Nave, PhD, is the Managing Director of the interdisciplinary Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences program at the University of Pennsylvania. His areas of expertise include multi-method design, behavioral observation, personality stability, personality judgment and well-being. His publications have appeared in top academic journals and handbooks and have been featured in the popular press.

B. J. Carducci, Indiana University Southeast