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Lecture Notes Nephrology

A Comprehensive Guide to Renal Medicine

Tarafdar, Surjit (Herausgeber)

Lecture Notes


1. Auflage April 2020
344 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-05804-5
John Wiley & Sons

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Lecture Notes: Nephrology is a concise introduction to the fundamental principles of nephrology. An ideal study guide for medical trainees, this accessible resource combines the depth of a textbook with the accessibility of a handbook. Succinct chapters describe the clinical implications of renal physiology, examine major renal disorders and diseases, and explain a wide range of management and treatment options.

A new addition to the popular Lecture Notes series, this handbook provides trainees in nephrology with core subject knowledge and enables medical students to gain a more comprehensive understanding of this complex specialty.
* Offers clear, easy-to-understand coverage of all relevant nephrology topics
* Includes MCQs and discussion around the answers, ideal for those preparing for written Internal Medicine examinations, including the certification examination of the American Board of Internal Medicine, the UK-based MRCP and the Australia and New Zealand-based FRACP examinations
* Features chapter summaries and numerous infographics, tables and figures
* Emphasises core management skills needed by medical students and junior doctors
* Is presented in the consistent and well-recognised Lecture Notes format

List of Contributors ix

Foreword xi

Acknowledgements xiii

1 Clinical Implications of Renal Physiology 1

2 Investigation of Renal Diseases 21

3 Disorders of the Renal Tubules Leading to Disturbances of Acid-Base and Potassium 41

4 Renal Stones 53

5 Kidney Cancer 67

6 Acute Kidney Injury 77

7 Chronic Kidney Disease 89

8 Nephrotic Syndrome 111

9 Glomerulonephritis 127

10 Renal Vasculitis and Lupus Nephritis 143

11 Renovascular Hypertension, Pregnancy-Related Hypertension, and Thrombotic Microangiopathies 163

12 Hereditary and Familial Renal Diseases 181

13 Hepatorenal Syndrome 195

14 Infections of the Kidney 203

15 Diabetic Nephropathy 215

16 Kidney Disease in Myeloma and Other Monoclonal Gammopathies 231

17 Tubulointerstitial Diseases 245

18 Maintenance Haemodialysis 257

19 Peritoneal Dialysis: Principles, Indications, and Common Complications 277

20 Renal Transplantation 295

Index 321
Dr Surjit Tarafdar works as a General Physician and Nephrologist at Blacktown and Mt. Druitt Hospital in Sydney, Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia, and holds the position of Conjoint Senior Lecturer in Medicine at the University of Western Sydney, Australia. He is co-author of the first edition of Passing the FRACP Written Examination: Questions and Answers. Dr Tarafdar is the founder of the annual 2-day nephrology revision program for the postgraduate trainees in medicine called 'Revise Nephrology', which has been running successfully in Sydney since 2015.

S. Tarafdar, Registrar in Nephrology and General Medicine at Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide