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The Handbook of Advanced Proficiency in Second Language Acquisition

Malovrh, Paul A. / Benati, Alessandro G. (Herausgeber)

Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics


1. Auflage August 2018
608 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-26161-2
John Wiley & Sons

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A comprehensive, current review of the research and approaches to advanced proficiency in second language acquisition

The Handbook of Advanced Proficiency in Second Language Acquisition offers an overview of the most recent and scientific-based research concerning higher proficiency in second language acquisition (SLA). With contributions from an international team of experts in the field, the Handbook presents several theoretical approaches to SLA and offers an examination of advanced proficiency from the viewpoint of various contexts and dimensions of second language performance. The authors also review linguistic phenomena among advanced learners through the lens of phonology and grammar development.

Comprehensive in scope, this book provides an overview of advanced proficiency grounded in socially-relevant domains of second language acquisition including discourse, reading, genre-based writing, and pragmatic competence. The authoritative volume brings together the theoretical accounts of advanced language use combined with solid empirical research.
* Includes contributions from an international collection of noted scholars in the field of second language acquisition
* Offers a variety of theoretical approaches to SLA
* Contains information on the most recent empirical research that contributes to an understanding of SLA
* Describes performance phenomena according to multiple approaches to SLA

Written for scholars, students and linguists, The Handbook of Advanced Proficiency in Second Language Acquisition is a comprehensive text that offers the most recent developments in the study of advanced proficiency in the acquisition of a second language.

Notes on Contributors ix

Acknowledgments xvii

1 Introduction 1
Paul A. Malovrh and Alessandro G. Benati

Part I Advanced L2 Capacity: Orientations on Acquisition 7

2 Systemic Functional Linguistics and Advanced Second Language Proficiency 9
Marianna Ryshina-Pankova

3 Psycholinguistic Approaches and Advanced Proficiency 30
Leah Roberts

4 What Does Critical Period Research Reveal about Advanced L2 Proficiency? 51
Michael H. Long, Gisela Granena, and Fátima Montero

5 Generative Approaches to Second Language (L2) Acquisition and Advanced L2 Proficiency 72
Jason Rothman, Fatih Bayram, Tanja Kupisch, Terje Lohndal, and Marit Westergaard

6 Interaction-Driven L2 Learning: Advanced Learners 94
Nicole Ziegler and Lara Bryfonski

7 Sociocultural Theory: Mediating Learners toward Advanced Proficiency 114
Matthew E. Poehner

Part II Advanced Proficiency and Performance: Multiple Dimensions and Contexts 131

8 Advanced-Level Grammatical Development in Instructed SLA 133
Heidi Byrnes

9 Individual Differences in Advanced Proficiency 157
Paula Winke and Susan M. Gass

10 The Prior Language Experience of Heritage Bilinguals 179
Cristina Sanz and Julio Torres

11 Meeting the Demands of Globalization: One Goal of ISLA Research 199
Paul A. Malovrh and Nina Moreno

12 Task Condition Effects on Advanced-Level Foreign Language Performance 219
Gavin Bui, Peter Skehan, and Zhan Wang

Part III Advanced Phonology 239

13 Advanced-Level L2 Phonology 241
John Archibald

14 Markedness and Advanced Development 264
Fred R. Eckman

15 Advanced Second Language Segmental and Suprasegmental Acquisition 282
Kazuya Saito

16 Connected Speech in Advanced-Level Phonology 304
Burcu Gokgoz-Kurt and D. Eric Holt

17 Voice Onset Time in Advanced SLA 323
Alfonso Morales-Front

Part IV Advanced Grammar 341

18 Advanced-Level Mood Distinction 343
Aarnes Gudmestad

19 Advanced Conceptualizations of Tense and Aspect in L2 Acquisition 361
M. Rafael Salaberry

20 Inflectional Morphology 381
Roumyana Slabakova

21 Advanced Lexical Development 401
Stuart A. Webb

22 Word Order and Information Structure in Advanced SLA 419
Cristóbal Lozano and Marcus Callies

23 Advanced-Level Semantics 442
Tania Ionin

Part V Advanced-Level Pragmatics, Discourse, and Sociocultural Literacy 461

24 Advanced-Level Pragmatics in Instructed SLA 463
Feng Xiao

25 Advanced Reading Proficiency in Collegiate Foreign Language Learners 483
Keiko Koda and Sihui Echo Ke

26 Advanced Second Language Pragmatic Competence 505
Naoko Taguchi

27 Advanced Rhetoric and Socially Situated Writing 527
Gregg Fields and Paul Kei Matsuda

28 Variable Structures and Sociolinguistic Variation 547
Kimberly L. Geeslin

Index 566
"This pioneering Handbook is unique in its scope and depth of treatment of issues in research into advanced second language proficiency. It is a landmark publication, clearly defining this broad field of inquiry, its relevance to SLA theory, and important consequences for language pedagogy and assessment."

Peter Robinson, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan

"There has been an unfortunate lack of research attention paid to the advanced learner, which, now, thanks to this volume, is no longer a "neglected species"... I was particularly struck by the documented plethora throughout of vast individual differences, both in productive and perceptual/interpretive abilities. The epistemological problems of definition, e.g. the difficulty of even defining "advanced" and "advanced development", are clearly presented and several innovative topics are treated in novel ways, such as the intricacies of "information structure" and "connected speech." These vast documented lacunae open up great research opportunities for many dissertations to come."

Larry Selinker, New York University, USA
Paul A. Malovrh is Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition, University of South Carolina, USA. His recent work emphasizes advanced-level language proficiency and explores its relationship with globalization and curricular design. His authored works include The Developmental Dimension in Instructed Second Language Learning (2013, with James F. Lee).

Alessandro G. Benati is Head of the English Department at the American University of Sharjah. Previously, he was Head of School of Languages and Area Studies and Professor of Second Language Acquisition at the University of Portsmouth, UK. He was also director of CAROLE and Professor of Applied Linguistics and Second Language Studies, University of Greenwich. He has published extensively with over fifteen established monographs and articles in international journals.

P. A. Malovrh, University of South Carolina, USA; A. G. Benati, American University of Sharjah, UAE