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Clinical Guide to Oral Diseases

Malamos, Dimitris / Scully, Crispian


1. Auflage Januar 2021

ISBN: 978-1-119-32811-7
John Wiley & Sons

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A quick reference and revision guide on the most common oral and perioral diseases seen in clinical practice

Clinical Guide to Oral Diseases is a concise reference on the common diseases encountered in daily practice. Presenting a large selection of clinical cases, this user-friendly resource covers a range of oral and perioral lesions located in hard and soft tissues of the mouth and neck, as well oral manifestations of various systemic diseases. Nearly 300 high-quality color images complement succinct descriptions of clinical cases seen in both community and hospital care settings.

Divided into three parts, the text first covers oral legions classified by their color, appearance, and symptomatology such as bleeding, disturbances of saliva, taste, and orofacial pain. Part two describes the most common oral lesions by location, including those in the buccal mucosae, floor of mouth, gingivae and jaws, lips, neck, palate, salivary glands, tongue, and teeth. The third part encompasses oral lesions that are normal variations or those common to specific age groups or associated with various clinical phenomena.
* Provides nearly 300 high-quality clinical photos and relevant questions to help lead readers to the proper diagnosis of common oral diseases
* Contains concise tables relevant to each chapter with a list of common oral lesions and conditions
* Offers MCQs of varying levels of difficulty to help readers test their knowledge in Oral Medicine
* Includes clinical flow charts according to the location and duration of oral lesions
* Incorporates the ICD-10 Codes of oral lesions and diseases

Clinical Guide to Oral Diseases is a valuable reference for general dental and medical practitioners, undergraduate dental students, and postgraduate trainees in oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, periodontology as well as general pathology, dermatology or head and neck oncology.



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Section I:

1. Bleeding

2. Blew or/and black lesions

3. Brown lesions

4. Malador

5. Muscles deficits(trismus/ paralysis)

6. Orofacial pain

7. Red lesions

8. Saliva disturbances(xerostomia/ sialorrhea)

9. Swellings (diffuse/lumps)

10. Taste deficits

11. Ulcerations

12. Vesicullobulous lesions

13. White lesions

14. Yellow lesions

Section II:

15. Buccal mucosa

16. Floor of the mouth

17. Gingivae

18. Jaws

19. Lips

20. Neck

21. Palate

22. Salivary glands(minor/major)

23. Teeth

24. Tongue

Section III:

25. Normal variations

26. Oral lesions according to patient's age

27. Clinical tests, signs and phenomena
Dr Dimitris Malamos, DDS, MSc, PhD and DIP.O.M. is an Oral Medicine Specialist at the Oral Medicine Clinic of the National Organization for the Provision of Health Services, Athens, Greece.

Professor Crispian Scully, CBE, MD, PhD, MDS, MRCS, BSC, FDS RCS, FDS RCPS, FFD RCSI, FDSRCSF, FRC Path, FMedSci, FHFA, FUCL, DSc, DCKD, DMed (HC) was formerly Co-Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Oral Health-General Health and Emeritus Professor at University College London, UK.

C. Scully, University College London