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Leadership in the Creative Industries

Principles and Practice

Mallia, Karen L.


1. Auflage März 2019
304 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-33401-9
John Wiley & Sons

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A groundbreaking book that explores the theory and practice of leading in the creative workplace

Leadership in the Creative Industries is a much-needed guide to the theory and practice of the creative leadership skills that are essential to lead effectively in creative fields. As the growth of creative industries continues to surge and "noncreative" businesses put increasing emphasis on creativity and innovation, this book offers a practical resource that explores how to confidently lead a workforce, creatively.

In order to lead creative people it is essential to understand the creative process, creativity, and the range of variables that affect it. This book fills a gap in the literature by exploring the creative leadership practices that are solidly grounded in evidenced-based research. The author includes suggestions for overcoming the challenges associated with leading creative people, and puts to rest many of the current industry misconceptions about leading creatively. This vital resource:
* Is the first book that highlights the theory and practice of creative leadership skills in the creative industries
* Includes best practices of leading for creativity, and reveals what encourages creativity and what suppresses it
* Debunks commonly held myths about leading a creative workforce with evidence-based guidance
* Contains a wealth of helpful tips, visualizations, callouts from primary research, and anecdotes from recognized thought leaders, to highlight and underscore important principles.

Written for academics and students of leadership, those working or aspiring to work in the creative industries, Leadership in the Creative Industries puts the focuses directly on theory and practice of creative leadership in creative fields.


Section I: Creativity and Creative People: What You Need to Know About How They Work

Introduction (Yes, this is meant to be read. First.) ii

Chapter 1 Creativity and the creative industries 1

Chapter 2 The role of the leader in creative work 24

Chapter 3 Understanding and managing for creativity 49

Chapter 4 The creative community: One, big, sometimes dysfunctional, family 76

Section II: From Creative Staffer to Creative Leader

Chapter 5 The factors that make or break a creative leader 101

Chapter 6 Creative work never ends. Neither does creative leadership 127

Section III: Leading For Creativity and Better Creative Work

Chapter 7 Leadership and the environment for creativity 151

Chapter 8 Collaboration, teams, and creativity 175

Chapter 9 Motivation, competition, and conflict 194

Chapter 10 Diversity and creativity: It's everybody's problem. And it's big 212

Section IV: The Future Is What You Make It

Chapter 11 A look at ethics and the big picture 233

Chapter 12 Now what? 251


Karen L. Mallia is professor at the University of South Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communications, where she has been awarded for outstanding teaching, research and professional service. She is a creativity and marketing communication expert with more than 20 years as an award-winning copywriter and creative director, and consultant in creative strategy in advertising, and more than a decade as an advertising professor.