John Wiley & Sons PHR and SPHR Professional in Human Resources Certification Complete Review Guide Cover Essential review for the PHR/SPHR exams, aligned with the updated HRBoK(TM) PHR/SPHR Professional i.. Product #: 978-1-119-42668-4 Regular price: $26.07 $26.07 Auf Lager

PHR and SPHR Professional in Human Resources Certification Complete Review Guide

2018 Exams

Galluzzo, James J.


1. Auflage Oktober 2018
336 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-42668-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Essential review for the PHR/SPHR exams, aligned with the updated HRBoK(TM)

PHR/SPHR Professional in Human Resources Certification Review Guide is the ideal companion to the PHR/SPHR Study Guide, Fifth Edition, and PHR/SPHR Deluxe Study Guide, Second Edition. These self-study guides are intended for HR professionals seeking to validate their skills and knowledge acquired through years of practical experience, or for relative newcomers to the HR field looking to strengthen their resume.

Organized by those areas of knowledge and practices specific and necessary to human resource management (HRM), this handy review guide covers tasks, processes, and strategies as detailed in the updated A Guide to the Human Resource Body of Knowledge(TM) (HRBoK(TM)), giving you clear guidance on what you need to know for the exams. You also get a year of FREE access to the Sybex online interactive learning environment and study tools, which feature flashcards, chapter tests, two bonus practice exams, and more. The review guide aligns with the HRCI test specifications, which detail the responsibilities and knowledge needed by today's HR professionals. Covers key functional areas in greater depth:

HR students and professionals studying for the PHR/SPHR certification need a trusted resource to aid in their preparation--this review guide does that and more.

Introduction xi

Part I PHR(r) 1

Chapter 1 Business Management 3

Required Knowledge 5

Mission, Vision, and Values 5

Types of Organizational Structures 6

Legislative and Regulatory Processes 8

Ethical and Professional Standards 10

Corporate Governance and Compliance 10

Business Elements 11

Products, Competition, and Culture 13

Technology to Support HR Activities 13

Qualitative and Quantitative Methods and Tools 14

Communication Skills and Strategies 14

Change Management Theory, Methods, and Application 15

Uncertainty and Unclear Situations 16

Risk Management Techniques 16

Exam Essentials 17

Responsibilities 17

Assess the General Business Environment 17

Communicate Values 20

Data Analysis and Organizational Strategy 25

Exam Essentials 25

Summary 25

Review Questions 27

Chapter 2 Talent Planning and Acquisition (PHR(r) Only) 29

Required Knowledge 31

Talent Planning Activities and Concepts 31

Hiring Talent 35

Retaining Talent 37

Integrating and Onboarding Talent 38

Assessing the Effectiveness of Talent Planning and Acquisition 41

Exam Essentials 44

Responsibilities 45

Federal Laws and Organizational Policies 45

Sourcing Methods and Techniques 47

Talent Acquisition Life Cycle 48

Exam Essentials 48

Summary 49

Review Questions 50

Chapter 3 Learning and Development (PHR(r) Only) 53

Required Knowledge 55

Laws and Regulations 55

Learning and Development Theory 57

Techniques 59

Employee Retention Concepts and Applications 65

Exam Essentials 66

Responsibilities 67

Provide Consultation 67

Implement and Evaluate Career Development and Training Programs 68

Contribute to Succession Planning 70

Exam Essentials 71

Summary 71

Review Questions 73

Chapter 4 Total Rewards (PHR(r) Only) 75

Required Knowledge 77

Compliance 77

Plans and Policies 84

Methods 85

Exam Essentials 92

Responsibilities 93

Ensuring Compliance 93

Developing and Implementing Benefits Programs 94

Communication and Workforce Training 95

Managing Payroll Information 98

Exam Essentials 99

Summary 99

Review Questions 100

Chapter 5 Employee and Labor Relations 103

Required Knowledge 106

General Practices, Laws, and Procedures 107

Corporate Culture 115

Safe and Secure Workplace 119

Exam Essentials 125

Responsibilities 125

Legal Requirements 125

Fostering and Cultivating Strong Employee Relations 127

Implementing and Supporting Workplace Risk Management Programs 130

Managing Labor Relations 134

Exam Essentials 134

Summary 135

Review Questions 136

Part II SPHR(r) 141

Chapter 6 Leadership and Strategy 143

Required Knowledge 146

Mission, Vision, and Values 146

Strategic Planning Process 148

Business Elements of an Organization 152

Tools for Measuring, Evaluating, and Analysis 159

Exam Essentials 161

Responsibilities 162

Development of a Strategic Plan 162

Measuring and Evaluating Outcomes 168

Exam Essentials 172

Summary 173

Review Questions 174

Chapter 7 Talent Planning and Acquisition (SPHR(r) Only) 177

Required Knowledge 179

Planning 179

Selection and Retention 183

Due Diligence and Assessments 189

Exam Essentials 191

Responsibilities 191

Evaluate and Forecast Organizational Needs 192

Recruitment Strategies 193

Strategies for Engagement and Cultural Integration 196

Exam Essentials 198

Summary 199

Review Questions 200

Chapter 8 Learning and Development (SPHR(r) Only) 203

Required Knowledge 205

Training Program Design and Development 205

Training and Facilitation Techniques 210

Exam Essentials 217

Responsibilities 218

Develop and Evaluate Training Strategies 218

Succession Planning 219

Employee Retention Strategies and Practices 222

Exam Essentials 224

Summary 225

Review Questions 226

Chapter 9 Total Rewards (SPHR(r) Only) 229

Required Knowledge 231

Compensation Strategies and Philosophy 231

Methods 235

Benefit Program Strategies 238

Exam Essentials 241

Responsibilities 242

Conducting a Needs Assessment 242

Analyze and Evaluate Compensation Strategies 242

Analyze and Evaluate Benefit Strategies 245

Exam Essentials 248

Summary 248

Review Questions 250

Chapter 10 Employee Relations and Engagement 253

Required Knowledge 255

Employee Relations 256

Strategies for a Safe and Secure Workplace 261

Exam Essentials 266

Responsibilities 266

Engagement Strategies 267

Safety and Security Strategies 269

Effective Labor Strategies 274

Exam Essentials 278

Summary 278

Review Questions 280

Appendix Answers to Review Questions 283

Chapter 1: Business Management 284

Chapter 2: Talent Planning and Acquisition (PHR(r) Only) 285

Chapter 3: Learning and Development (PHR(r) Only) 286

Chapter 4: Total Rewards (PHR(r) Only) 287

Chapter 5: Employee and Labor Relations 288

Chapter 6: Leadership and Strategy 290

Chapter 7: Talent Planning and Acquisition (SPHR(r) Only) 291

Chapter 8: Learning and Development (SPHR(r) Only) 292

Chapter 9: Total Rewards (SPHR(r) Only) 294

Chapter 10: Employee Relations and Engagement 295

Index 297
JAMES J. GALLUZZO III, SPHR, is a Human Resources strategic professional with nearly 25 years of experience. During his service in the United States Army, he found his professional calling in the human resources branch, the Adjutant General's Corps, and retired as Chief of Leadership Development for the 40,000 Army HR professionals around the world. Currently, he is Corporate HR Director for John Harris Body Shops, an automotive collision repair company with shops in South Carolina and Georgia.