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How to be a Coffee Bean

111 Life-Changing Ways to Create Positive Change

Gordon, Jon / West, Damon

Jon Gordon


1. Auflage Februar 2023
256 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-43028-5
John Wiley & Sons

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Create positive and lasting change in your life with proven concepts from The Coffee Bean

In How to be a Coffee Bean, bestselling coauthors of The Coffee Bean, Jon Gordon and Damon West, present 111 simple and effective strategies to help you lead a coffee bean lifestyle--one full of healthy habits, encouragement, and genuine happiness. From athletes to students and executives, countless individuals have been inspired by The Coffee Bean message. Now, How to be a Coffee Bean teaches you how to put The Coffee Bean philosophy into action to help you create real and lasting change in your life.

How to be a Coffee Bean presents thought-provoking ideas to help you create positive change, including:
* How to fuel your mind, body, and soul to energize yourself and others
* How to make a difference in the lives of others every day
* How to look for opportunities to be a messenger of hope and perseverance through your background, experiences, successes, and failures

Easy to implement, practical, proven, and highly effective, How to be a Coffee Bean shows you how to put the powerful lessons from The Coffee Bean into practice. It's a must-read for anyone looking to live their best life and impact and transform the people and environment around them.



1) Create from the Inside Out, not the outside in

2) Be a Big Dose of Vitamin C instead of a Germ

3) Smile

4) Neutralize Energy Vampires

5) Be a Thermostat, not a Thermometer

6) Turn Challenges into Opportunities

7) Learn from Failure

8) Take Accountability and Make Amends

9) Live in the Moment

10) Practice Servant Leadership

11) Encourage Others

12) Work out Mentally Each Day

13) Take a Thank You Walk

14) Live with Faith, not Fear

15) Have a "Get to" mindset

16) Help Someone Be Successful

17) Shout Praise and Whisper Criticism

18) Don't be Bitter. Get better

19) Be Great Today

20) Control what you can Control

21) Put in The Work

22) Care More

23) Be Vulnerable

24) Be a Great Listener

25) Value Time

26) Take a Personal Inventory

27) Clear the Clutter

28) Practice Empathy

29) Give Without Keeping Score

30) Add Value

31) Lead with Love, not an Agenda

32) Be a Connector

33) Write Thank you Notes

34) Choose to Forgive

35) Love Tough

36) Laugh out Loud

37) Use your Gifts for a Bigger Purpose

38) Be Positive, Especially on Difficult Days

39) Don't Let Negativity Sour your Situation

40) Embrace Change

41) Enjoy the Ride

42) Look for the Good

43) Don't Chase Success

44) Get Excited about Life

45) Rise and Shine

46) Believe in Miracles

47) Remember that you are a Miracle

48) Don't Seek Happiness

49) Be Kind

50) Compliment Someone

51) Spread Positive Gossip

52) Think Like a Rookie

53) Be Possibility Thinker

54) Don't Rush the Future

55) Choose Positive Thinking

56) Be an Over-believer

57) See Life as a Gift

58) Say Please and Thank you

59) Be Demanding, not Demeaning

60) Live with Integrity

61) Delete Negativity

62) Pray and Meditate

63) Love the Process

64) Fuel Your Life with Purpose

65) Love. Serve. Care.

66) Talk to Yourself

67) Remember when you Succeeded

68) Tap into the Power of Perspective

69) Be a Problem Solver

70) Focus on Solutions, not Complaints

71) Leave a Place Better than You Found It

72) Be a Great Team Member

73) Communicate Responsively

74) Build a Great Team

75) Wake up Unplugged

76) Use "I Am" statements

77) Have a Windshield Mentality

78) Be Humble and Hungry

79) Make the Next Opportunity Great

80) Make Life a Mission Trip

81) Look to Be Useful

82) Don't Overthink

83) Keep Getting Up

84) Be a Truth Seeker

85) Be a Lifelong Student

86) Pay it Forward

87) Have No Enemies

88) Face Your Fears

89) Stay Calm when Communicating

90) Laugh at Yourself

91) Read Books

92) See the Best in People

93) See Potential, Not Limitations

94) Have an Abundant Mindset

95) Tell Me Something Good

96) Be a Hero

97) Have Only Good Days

98) Be You

99) Meet People Where They are

100) Be Present

101) Be Punctual

102) Be Prepared

103) Become a Love Magnet

104) Rise about your Circumstances

105) Remember Where you Came From

106) Believe People can Change

107) Don't Let Critics into your Head and Don't let Praise go to your Head

108) Keep Your Vision Alive

109) Give Yourself Credit

110) Take the High Road

111) Finish Strong
JON GORDON has inspired millions of readers around the world. He is the author of 28 books, including five children's books and thirteen bestsellers. He is passionate about developing positive leaders, organizations, and teams. Visit him at

DAMON WEST is a keynote speaker and bestselling coauthor of The Coffee Bean, The Coffee Bean for Kids, The Locker Room, and The Locker Room Playbook. His clients include Fortune 100 companies, NFL and NBA teams, and dozens of Division One college athletic programs. Visit him at