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Photovoltaic Module Reliability

Wohlgemuth, John H


1. Auflage März 2020
264 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-45899-9
John Wiley & Sons

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Provides practical guidance on the latest quality assurance and accelerated stress test methods for improved long-term performance prediction of PV modules

This book has been written from a historical perspective to guide readers through how the PV industry learned what the failure and degradation modes of PV modules were, how accelerated tests were developed to cause the same failures and degradations in the laboratory, and then how these tests were used as tools to guide the design and fabrication of reliable and long-life modules.

Photovoltaic Module Reliability starts with a brief history of photovoltaics, discussing some of the different types of materials and devices used for commercial solar cells. It then goes on to offer chapters on: Module Failure Modes; Development of Accelerated Stress Tests; Qualification Testing; and Failure Analysis Tools. Next, it examines the use of quality management systems to manufacture PV modules. Subsequent chapters cover the PVQAT Effort; the Conformity Assessment and IECRE; and Predicting PV Module Service Life. The book finishes with a look at what the future holds for PV.
* A comprehensive treatment of current photovoltaic (PV) technology reliability and necessary improvement to become a significant part of the electric utility supply system
* Well documented with experimental and practical cases throughout, enhancing relevance to both scientific community and industry
* Timely contribution to the harmonization of methodological aspects of PV reliability evaluation with test procedures implemented to certify PV module quality
* Written by a leading international authority in PV module reliability

Photovoltaic Module Reliability is an excellent book for anyone interested in PV module reliability, including those working directly on PV module and system reliability and preparing to purchase modules for deployment.


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Module Failure Modes

Chapter 3 Development of Accelerated Stress Tests

Chapter 4 Qualification Testing

Chapter 5 Failure Analysis Tools

Chapter 6 Using Quality Management Systems to manufacture PV modules

Chapter 7 The PVQAT Effort

Chapter 8 Conformity Assessment and IECRE

Chapter 9 Predicting PV Module Service Life

Chapter 10 What does the Future Hold for PV and a Brief Summary
John Wohlgemuth, PhD, is the Executive Director of PowerMark Corporation, VA, USA, and serves as the Technical Advisor to IEC Technical Committee 82 on Photovoltaics. Dr. Wohlgemuth has worked in PV for more than 40 years at Solarex, BP Solar and NREL. His PV experience includes cell processing and modeling, Si casting, module materials and reliability, and PV performance and standards. Dr. Wohlgemuth has been an active member of working group 2 (WG2), the module working group within IEC TC-82 since 1986.