John Wiley & Sons Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies Cover A must-have reference for financial advisors In step-by-step detail, Success as a Financial Advisor.. Product #: 978-1-119-50410-8 Regular price: $23.27 $23.27 Auf Lager

Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies

Illan, Ivan M.


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384 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-50410-8
John Wiley & Sons

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A must-have reference for financial advisors

In step-by-step detail, Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies covers how a current or would-be financial advisor can maximize their professional success through a series of behaviors, activities, and specific client-centric value propositions. In a time when federal regulators are changing the landscape on the standard of care that financial services clients should expect from their advisors, this book affords professionals insight on how they can be evolving their practices to align with the regulatory and technological trends currently underway.

Inside, you'll find out how a financial advisor can be a true fiduciary, how to compete against the growing field of robo-advisors, and how the passive investing trend is actually all about being an active investor. Additionally, you'll discover time-tested advice on building and focusing on client relationships, having a top advisor mindset, and much more.
* Master the seven core competencies
* Attract and win new business
* Pick the right clients
* Benchmark your performance
* Start your own firm

Brimming with practical expert advice, Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies is a priceless success tool for any wannabe or experienced financial advisor.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started as a Financial Advisor 5

Chapter 1: Looking at the Big Picture 7

Chapter 2: Deciding Whether You're Geared to Be a Financial Advisor 27

Chapter 3: Performing a Self Background Check 37

Chapter 4: Deciding to Work for a Firm or Build Your Own Practice 47

Chapter 5: Surveying the Regulatory Landscape: The Fiduciary Standard 63

Part 2: Mastering Core Competencies 77

Chapter 6: Pursuing Professional Development 79

Chapter 7: Getting Budgeting under Your Belt 91

Chapter 8: Brushing Up on Asset Management 99

Chapter 9: Delving into Liability Management 117

Chapter 10: Excelling in Estate Planning 133

Chapter 11: Tackling Taxation 147

Chapter 12: Getting Up to Speed on Behavioral Finance 161

Part 3: Providing Superior, Personalized Service 169

Chapter 13: Formalizing Your Client Due Diligence Process 171

Chapter 14: Developing a Personalized Financial Plan 183

Chapter 15: Offering Collaborative Value-Added Advice 197

Chapter 16: Adjusting Your Service Level to Different Clients 209

Chapter 17: Benchmarking Performance 221

Part 4: Building Your Clientele 233

Chapter 18: Earning Clients and Making a Career for a Lifetime 235

Chapter 19: Raising Your Profile with Networking and Marketing 245

Chapter 20: Teaming Up to Build Synergies 261

Part 5: Running Your Practice as a Business 273

Chapter 21: Transitioning from Solo Practitioner to Business Owner 275

Chapter 22: Structuring Your Firm as a Well-Oiled Machine 287

Chapter 23: Divvying Up Your Business: Equity Participation 299

Chapter 24: Ensuring Business Continuity and Planning for Succession 309

Part 6: The Part of Tens 319

Chapter 25: Ten Tips for Being a Successful Financial Advisor 321

Chapter 26: Ten Business-Building Activities 327

Appendix: Financial Advisor Resources 333

Index 343
Ivan M. Illán, CFS, has directly raised and managed over $1B in assets from both institutional and retail clients. He's the founder and chief investment officer of an independent wealth management firmbased in Los Angeles. As a Forbes Contributor, an Investopedia Premier Advisor, and Five Star Wealth Manager, Ivan's insights are published routinely on both the financial advisory profession and capital markets.