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Bioelectrochemical Interface Engineering

Krishnaraj, R. Navanietha / Sani, Rajesh K.


1. Auflage Dezember 2019
560 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-53854-7
John Wiley & Sons

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An introduction to the fundamental concepts and rules in bioelectrochemistry and explores latest advancements in the field

Bioelectrochemical Interface Engineering offers a guide to this burgeoning interdisciplinary field. The authors--noted experts on the topic--present a detailed explanation of the field's basic concepts, provide a fundamental understanding of the principle of electrocatalysis, electrochemical activity of the electroactive microorganisms, and mechanisms of electron transfer at electrode-electrolyte interfaces. They also explore the design and development of bioelectrochemical systems.

The authors review recent advances in the field including: the development of new bioelectrochemical configurations, new electrode materials, electrode functionalization strategies, and extremophilic electroactive microorganisms. These current developments hold the promise of powering the systems in remote locations such as deep sea and extra-terrestrial space as well as powering implantable energy devices and controlled drug delivery. This important book:

* Explores the fundamental concepts and rules in bioelectrochemistry and details the latest advancements

* Presents principles of electrocatalysis, electroactive microorganisms, types and mechanisms of electron transfer at electrode-electrolyte interfaces, electron transfer kinetics in bioelectrocatalysis, and more

* Covers microbial electrochemical systems and discusses bioelectrosynthesis and biosensors, and bioelectrochemical wastewater treatment

* Reviews microbial biosensor, microfluidic and lab-on-chip devices, flexible electronics, and paper and stretchable electrodes

Written for researchers, technicians, and students in chemistry, biology, energy and environmental science, Bioelectrochemical Interface Engineering provides a strong foundation to this advanced field by presenting the core concepts, basic principles, and newest advances.

List of Contributors


Chapter 1: Electrochemical Performance Analyses of Biofilms
J. Jayapriya1 and V. Ramamurthy

Chapter 2: Direct Electron Transfer in Redox Enzymes and Microorganisms
Sheela Berchmans and T.Balamurugan

Chapter 3: Electrochemical Techniques and Application to Characterize Single- and Multi-Cellular Electric Microbial Functions
Junki Saito, Muralidharan Murugan, Xiao Deng, Alexis Guinen, Waheed Miran, Akihiro Okamoto

Chapter 4: Electrochemical Analysis of Single Cells
Maedeh Mozneb, Christine Smothers, Pablo Rodriguez, Chen-Zhong Li

Chapter 5: Biocorrosion
C. Chandrasatheesh and J. Jayapriya

Chapter 6: Microbial Fuel Cell: A Sustainable Technology for Pollutant Removal and Power Generation
Somdipta Bagchia, Manaswini Beherab

Chapter 7: Biophotovoltaics: Molecular mechanisms and Applications
Angelaalincy Maria Josepha, Sangeetha Ramalingama, Pushpalatha Selvaraja, Komal Rania, Kalpana Ramarajua, Gunaseelan Sathaiaha, Ashokkumar Balasubramaniemb and Varalakshmi Perumala

Chapter 8: An Insight into Plant Microbial Fuel Cells
Pranab Jyoti Sarma, Kaustubha Mohanty

Chapter 9: Electroanalytical Techniques for Investigating Biofilms in Microbial Fuel Cells
Smita S Kumar, Vivek Kumar, Suddhasatwa Basu

Chapter 10: Progress in Development of Electrode Material in Microbial Fuel Cell
Alka Pareek and S. Venkata Mohan

Chapter 11: Synthetic Biology Strategies to Improve Electron Transfer Rate at the Microbe-Anode Interface in Microbial Fuel Cell
Tian Zhang, Dipankar Ghosh, Pier-Luc Tremblay

Chapter 12: Microbial Electrolysis Cells (Mec): A Promising and Green Approach for Bioenergy and Biochemical Production from Waste Resources
Abudukeremu Kadier, Mohd Sahaid Kalil, Pankaj Kumar Rai, Smita S. Kumar, Peyman Abdeshahian, Periyasamy Sivagurunathan, Hassimi Abu Hasan, Aidil Abdul Hamid, Azah Mohamed

Chapter 13: Microbial Desalination Cells
Swati Sharma, Ademola Hammed, Halis Simsek

Chapter 14: Microbially Charged Redox Flow Batteries for Bioenergy Storage
Santos, Márcia S. S; Peixoto, Luciana; Dias-Ferreira, Célia; Mendes, Adélio; Alves, M. Madalena

Chapter 15: Artificial Photosynthesis: Current Advances and Challenges
Joanna Kargul and MaBgorzata Kiliszek

Chapter 16: Bioelectrochemical Systems for Production of Valuable Compounds
Luciana Peixoto; Sónia G. Barbosa; M. Madalena Alves; M. Alcina Pereira

Chapter 17: Modernization of Biosensing Strategies Towards Development of Lab-On-Chip Integrated System
Sharmili Roya, Shweta J. Malodeb, Nagaraj P. Shetti, Pranjal Chandra

Chapter 18: Electrochemical Immunosensors: Working Principle, Types, Scope, Applications, and Future Prospects
Shakila Harshavardhan, Sam Ebenezer Rajadas, Kevin Kumar Vijayakumar, Willsingh Anbu Durai, Andy Ramu and Rajan Mariappan

Chapter 19: Recent Updates on Inkjet-Printed Sensors
Naresh Kumar Mani, Anusha Prabhu, Annamalai Senthil Kumar

Chapter 20: Electrochemical Systems for Healthcare Applications
Pandiaraj Manickam, Vairamani Kanagavel, Apurva Sonawane, Thipperudraswamy S.P, Shekhar Bhansali

Chapter 21: Synthetic Strategies of Nanobioconjugates for Bioelectrochemical Applications
T.Selvamani, D.Gangadharan, S. Anandan

Chapter 22: Electrochemical Biosensors with Nanointerface for Food, Water Quality and Health Care Applications
John Bosco Balaguru Rayappan, Noel Nesakumar, Lakshmishri Ramachandra Bhat, Manju Bhargavi Gumpu, K Jayanth Babu, and Arockia Jayalatha JBB

Chapter 23: Enzymatic Electrode-Electrolyte Interface Study during Electrochemical Sensing of Biomolecules
Ashish Kumar, Priya Singh and Rajiv Prakash

Chapter 24: Quantum Dots for Bioelectrochemical Applications
Ilker Polatolu, Erdal Erolu, Levent Ayd1n

Chapter 25: Enzymatic Self-Powered Biosensing Devices
Felismina T.C. Moreira, Manuela F. Frasco, Sónia G. Barbosa, Luciana Peixoto, Madalena Alves, M. Goreti F. Sales
R.Navanietha Krishnaraj, PhD, is a Research Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, SD.

Rajesh K. Sani, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, South Dakota.