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Aluminum Surfaces

A Guide to Alloys, Finishes, Fabrication and Maintenance in Architecture and Art

Zahner, L. William

Architectural Metals Series


1. Auflage Oktober 2019
400 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-54176-9
John Wiley & Sons

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A full-color guide for architects and design professionals to the selection and application of aluminum

Aluminum Surfaces, second in William Zahner's Architectural Metals Series, provides a comprehensive and authoritative treatment of aluminum applications in architecture and art. It offers architecture and design professionals the information they need to ensure proper maintenance and fabrication techniques through detailed information and full color images. It covers everything from the history of the metal and choosing the right alloy, to detailed information on a variety of surface and chemical finishes and corrosion resistance. The book also features case studies offering architecture and design professionals strategies for designing and executing successful projects using aluminum.

Aluminum Surfaces is filled with illustrative case studies that offer strategies for designing and executing successful projects using aluminum. All the books in Zahner's Architectural Metals Series offer in-depth coverage of today's most commonly used metals in architecture and art. This important book:
* Contains a comprehensive guide to the use and maintenance of aluminum surfaces in architecture and art
* Features full-color images of a variety of aluminum finishes, colors, textures, and forms
* Includes case studies with performance data that feature strategies on how to design and execute successful projects using aluminum
* Offers methods to address corrosion, before and after it occurs
* Discusses the environmental impact of aluminum from the creation process through application
* Explains the significance of the different alloys and the forms available to the designer
* Discusses expectations when using aluminum in various exposures

For architecture professionals, metal fabricators, developers, architecture students and instructors, designers, and artists working with metals, Aluminum Surfaces offers a logical framework for the selection and application of aluminum in all aspects of architecture.


Chapter 1 Introduction to Aluminum (Aluminium)

Aluminum as a Design Material

Environmental and Hygienic

History of the Metal

Modern Product is Discovered

Aluminum in Art

Production Process Today

Aluminum vs. Aluminium

Comparisons Between Metals

Chapter 2 Aluminum Alloys

Choosing the Correct Alloy

The Initial Mill Casting

Commercial Pure Aluminum Alloy A91xxx

Alloy Designation System

Tempers and Strengthening

Wrought Alloys Used in Architecture

Cast Alloys In Art and Architecture

Aluminum Alloy Series Designations - Cast Forms

Specifying the Alloy

The UNS System

Cast Alloys

Chapter 3 Surface Finishing

The Mill Finish

Directional Finishes

Non-Directional Finishes

Mirror Finishes

Bright Dipping and Electropolish

Electropolishing Aluminum


Color by Means of Anodizing

Removing the Anodized Coating

Paint Coatings on Aluminum


Chemical Milled Surface

Machined Surface

Finishes on Extrusions

Finishes on Castings

Chapter 4 The Expectations of the Aluminum Surface Finish

The Natural Finish

The Anodic Finish

The Point of Range Samples



Over Time - Cleaning the Surface

Chapter 5 Designing with the Available Forms of Aluminum

Basic Forms of Aluminum

It Begins at the Aluminum Mill - The Heat

Sheet and Plate


Clad Aluminum - ALCLAD


Designing the Shape

Aluminum Pipe and Tube

Aluminum Rod and Bar

Aluminum Structural Shapes

Aluminum Wire

Aluminum Wire Mesh

Aluminum Expanded Metal

Perforated and Embossed

Cast Forms

Aluminum Foam

Chapter 6 Fabrication

Challenges with Aluminum Fabrication

Handling and Storage



Saw Cutting

Waterjet Cutting



Laser Cutting


Punching /Perforating

Chemical Milling



Solder and Brazing



Rapid Prototype

Chapter 7 Corrosion Characteristics

Natural Weathering - Influences on Performance

Marine Environment

Urban South Environment

Urban North Environment

Rural Environment

Corrosion of Aluminum Surfaces

Water Staining


Expectations of Various Environmental Exposures


Protective Measures

Paint Coatings

Storage and Handling

Chapter 8 Coping with the Unexpected

The Principle of Life Cycle

Mill Constraints

Potential Issues with Sheet and Plate

Issues Encountered with Casting Aluminum

Issues Encountered with Aluminum Extrusions

Forming Maladies

Challenges with Anodizing

Range Samples

Welding of Anodized Assemblies


Water stains

Inclusions Visible after Polishing Plate

Appendix A Valuable Information and Specifications for Aluminum in Art and Architecture

Appendix B Tempers on Wrought Sheet, Extrusion and Plate for Alloys Considered for use in Art and Architecture

Appendix C European Specifications Relevant to Art and Architecture

Appendix D Alloy Designations for Wrought Aluminum Alloys Used in Art and Architecture

Further Reading

L. WILLIAM ZAHNER, is President and CEO of A. Zahner Company, Inc. and Zahner Metal Conservation, is an internationally recognized expert on the design and use of architectural metals. He is the author of two books on architectural metals, Architectural Metal Surfaces and Architectural Metals: A Guide to Selection, Specification, and Performance, both from Wiley.

L. W. Zahner, A. Zahner Company, Kansas City, MO