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Peak Performance Culture

The Five Metrics of Organizational Excellence

Mitchell, Dave


1. Auflage Oktober 2020
240 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-58149-9
John Wiley & Sons

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An innovative approach to driving maximum performance at all levels of an organization

Peak Performance Culture: The Five Metrics of Operational Excellence is a step-by-step roadmap to achieving optimal organizational development in your company or association. This practical guide helps you accurately evaluate the current state of your company and create a strategy that maximizes its future success. Author Dave Mitchell, building upon concepts introduced in his bestselling books The Power of Understanding People and The Power of Understanding, provides new applications, effective real-world tactics, powerful organizational assessment tools, and much more.

The book addresses the five critical factors for organizational success: vertical alignment, horizontal alignment, leadership ideology and corporate culture, employee experience, and customer experience. Each comprehensive chapter introduces a key component to peak performance culture -- containing a detailed definition of the component, illustrative examples, expert insights, and practical considerations relevant to a diverse range of real-world situations. This must-have guide:
* Features exercises and assessments to identify organizational metrics drawn from 25 years of work with client organizations such as Allstate Insurance, Bank of America, Universal Studios, Hilton Worldwide, Walt Disney World, and hundreds more
* Explores best practices for implementing policies, procedures, and philosophies that align with an organization's mission, values, and strategy
* Discusses individual characteristics of high performers, how to enhance teamwork, the relationships between functional units within an organization, and employee recruitment, selection, and onboarding
* Addresses issues surrounding how employees responsible for customer satisfaction are experiencing their organizations
* Provides tools for continually evaluating and improving customer experience, including a pragmatic model that can be applied to any organization

Whether your company needs to correct performance problems, or is already successful but seeking even higher levels of success, Peak Performance Culture: The Five Metrics of Operational Excellence will prove to be an invaluable resource for any organization.




"Fat Enough, Happy Enough" Isn't Enough

What You'll Find in the Book

The Plan Requires Work

1 A Foundation of Passion

True Passion is Rare

Desire Versus Passion

The Importance of Joy

Leading With Passion

2 Horizontal Alignment

Success Scoreboard

Market Environment

Why Me? The Core Ideology

How Do You Identify Your Core Ideology?

The First Step of Alignment is Done

3 Vertical Alignment

Vertical Alignment Shouldn't Be an Afterthought

The Incredible Value of a Well-Designed Job Description

A Misaligned Brand

Digging Deeper into Alignment

The Misaligned Sales Process

Brand Statement and Vertical Alignment

The Fallacy of "Disruption"

Small Changes in Horizontal Alignment Create BIG Changes in Vertical Alignment

Vertical Alignment at the Divisional/Departmental Level

Passion is the Foundation, Alignment is the Infrastructure

4 Leadership Ideology

The Problem with Values

The Importance of Behaviors

Internal Locus of Control

An Empowerment Culture

Intrinsic Needs Fulfillment

Dialectical Thinking

Zero Based Thinking

Coaching and Counseling to Shift Responsibility

People Preventative Maintenance System


Leadership Toxicity

The Great Eight of Benevolent Accountability and Pragmatic Creativity

5 The Customer Experience

Not All Customers are Alike

The Heart and Art of Service Excellence

Service Excellence and Organizational Ergonomics

Service Recovery

Customer Journey Mapping and the Power of Expectations

6 The Employee Experience

Recruiting and Selection

New Hire Onboarding/Orientation

Skills Training

Continuous Coaching and Performance Feedback

Career Pathing

The Employee/Customer Link

7 It's Go Time!

Peak Performance Culture: The Five Metrics of Organizational Excellence

Peak Performance Culture Assessment

Ongoing Enhancement

Horizontal Alignment Assessment

Vertical Alignment Assessment

Leadership Ideology Assessment

Customer Experience Assessment

Employee Experience Assessment

About the Author

DAVE MITCHELL is founder of The Leadership Difference, where he has delivered training seminars to over 450,000 people at top organizations. Dave has received multiple Speaker of the Year awards and is author of three previous books: Live and Learn or Die Stupid!, The Power of Understanding People, and The Power of Understanding Yourself.