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Modeling and Design of Secure Internet of Things

Kamhoua, Charles A. / Njilla, Laurent L. / Kott, Alexander / Shetty, Sachin (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage September 2020
704 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-59336-2
John Wiley & Sons

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An essential guide to the modeling and design techniques for securing systems that utilize the Internet of Things

Modeling and Design of Secure Internet of Things offers a guide to the underlying foundations of modeling secure Internet of Things' (IoT) techniques. The contributors--noted experts on the topic--also include information on practical design issues that are relevant for application in the commercial and military domains. They also present several attack surfaces in IoT and secure solutions that need to be developed to reach their full potential.

The book offers material on security analysis to help with in understanding and quantifying the impact of the new attack surfaces introduced by IoT deployments. The authors explore a wide range of themes including: modeling techniques to secure IoT, game theoretic models, cyber deception models, moving target defense models, adversarial machine learning models in military and commercial domains, and empirical validation of IoT platforms. This important book:
* Presents information on game-theory analysis of cyber deception
* Includes cutting-edge research finding such as IoT in the battlefield, advanced persistent threats, and intelligent and rapid honeynet generation
* Contains contributions from an international panel of experts
* Addresses design issues in developing secure IoT including secure SDN-based network orchestration, networked device identity management, multi-domain battlefield settings, and smart cities

Written for researchers and experts in computer science and engineering, Modeling and Design of Secure Internet of Things contains expert contributions to provide the most recent modeling and design techniques for securing systems that utilize Internet of Things.

About the Editors ix

List of Contributors xiii

Foreword xix

Preface xxiii

1 Introduction 1
Charles A. Kamhoua, Laurent L. Njilla, Alexander Kott, and Sachin Shetty

Part I Game Theory for Cyber Deception 27

2 Game-Theoretic Analysis of Cyber Deception: Evidence-Based Strategies and Dynamic Risk Mitigation 29
Tao Zhang, Linan Huang, Jeffrey Pawlick, and Quanyan Zhu

3 A Hypergame-Based Defense Strategy Toward Cyber Deception in Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT) 59
Bowei Xi and Charles A. Kamhoua

4 Cooperative Spectrum Sharing and Trust Management in IoT Networks 79
Fatemeh Afghah, Alireza Shamsoshoara, Laurent L. Njilla, and Charles A. Kamhoua

5 Adaptation and Deception in Adversarial Cyber Operations 111
George Cybenko

6 On Development of a Game-Theoretic Model for Deception-Based Security 123
Satyaki Nan, Swastik Brahma, Charles A. Kamhoua, and Laurent L. Njilla

7 Deception for Cyber Adversaries: Status, Challenges, and Perspectives 141
Abdullah Alshammari, Danda B. Rawat, Moses Garuba, Charles A. Kamhoua, and Laurent L. Njilla

Part II IoT Security Modeling and Analysis 161

8 Cyber-Physical Vulnerability Analysis of IoT Applications Using Multi-Modeling 163
Ted Bapty, Abhishek Dubey, and Janos Sztipanovits

9 Securing Smart Cities: Implications and Challenges 185
Ioannis Agadakos, Prashant Anantharaman, Gabriela F. Ciocarlie, Bogdan Copos, Michael Emmi, Tancrède Lepoint, Ulf Lindqvist, Michael Locasto, and Liwei Song

10 Modeling and Analysis of Integrated Proactive Defense Mechanisms for Internet of Things 217
Mengmeng Ge, Jin-Hee Cho, Bilal Ishfaq, and Dong Seong Kim

11 Addressing Polymorphic Advanced Threats in Internet of Things Networks by Cross-Layer Profiling 249
Hisham Alasmary, Afsah Anwar, Laurent L. Njilla, Charles A. Kamhoua, and Aziz Mohaisen

12 Analysis of Stepping-Stone Attacks in Internet of Things Using Dynamic Vulnerability Graphs 273
Marco Gamarra, Sachin Shetty, Oscar Gonzalez, David M. Nicol, Charles A. Kamhoua, and Laurent L. Njilla

13 Anomaly Behavior Analysis of IoT Protocols 295
Pratik Satam, Shalaka Satam, Salim Hariri, and Amany Alshawi

14 Dynamic Cyber Deception Using Partially Observable Monte-Carlo Planning Framework 331
Md Ali Reza Al Amin, Sachin Shetty, Laurent L. Njilla, Deepak K. Tosh, and Charles A. Kamhoua

15 A Coding Theoretic View of Secure State Reconstruction 357
Suhas Diggavi and Paulo Tabuada

16 Governance for the Internet of Things: Striving Toward Resilience 371
S. E. Galaitsi, Benjamin D. Trump, and Igor Linkov

Part III IoT Security Design 383

17 Secure and Resilient Control of IoT-Based 3D Printers 385
Zhiheng Xu and Quanyan Zhu

18 Proactive Defense Against Security Threats on IoT Hardware 407
Qiaoyan Yu, Zhiming Zhang, and Jaya Dofe

19 IoT Device Attestation: From a Cross-Layer Perspective 435
Orlando Arias, Fahim Rahman, Mark Tehranipoor, and Yier Jin

20 Software-Defined Networking for Cyber Resilience in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) 453
Kamrul Hasan, Sachin Shetty, Amin Hassanzadeh, Malek Ben Salem, and Jay Chen

21 Leverage SDN for Cyber-Security Deception in Internet of Things 479
Yaoqing Liu, Garegin Grigoryan, Charles A. Kamhoua, and Laurent L. Njilla

22 Decentralized Access Control for IoT Based on Blockchain and Smart Contract 505
Ronghua Xu, Yu Chen, and Erik Blasch

23 Intent as a Secure Design Primitive 529
Prashant Anantharaman, J. Peter Brady, Ira Ray Jenkins, Vijay H. Kothari, Michael C. Millian, Kartik Palani, Kirti V. Rathore, Jason Reeves, Rebecca Shapiro, Syed H. Tanveer, Sergey Bratus, and Sean W. Smith

24 A Review of Moving Target Defense Mechanisms for Internet of Things Applications 563
Nico Saputro, Samet Tonyali, Abdullah Aydeger, Kemal Akkaya, Mohammad A. Rahman, and Selcuk Uluagac

25 Toward Robust Outlier Detector for Internet of Things Applications 615
Raj Mani Shukla and Shamik Sengupta

26 Summary and Future Work 635
Charles A. Kamhoua, Laurent L. Njilla, Alexander Kott, and Sachin Shetty

Index 647
CHARLES A. KAMHOUA, PHD, is a Senior Electronics Engineer at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory's Network Security Branch.

LAURENT L. NJILLA, PHD, is a researcher at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory's Information Directorate/Cyber Assurance Branch.

ALEXANDER KOTT, PHD, is the Chief Scientist at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

SACHIN SHETTY, PHD, is an Associate Professor in the Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Engineering Department at Old Dominion University.