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Design Thinking For Dummies

Muller-Roterberg, Christian


1. Auflage September 2020
304 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-59392-8
John Wiley & Sons

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* Develop your unique design thinking mindset
* Build a creative toolbox that inspires new ideas
* Examine how design thinking applies across industries

Challenge your creativity methods

Design thinking is not just the property of graphic designers. This approach to creating solutions by thinking from the customer perspective can lead to new and innovative ideas that old methods could not approach.??Design Thinking For Dummies??provides a jump-start to get you and your organization on the path to new creativity. Written by a design thinking thought leader, this book helps you through the design thinking cycle and shows how it can help any industry.

* Building creative environments
* Facilitating design thinking workshops
* Implementing your solutions
* Applying design thinking to business
* Tips for transforming your organization

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started with Design Thinking 7

Chapter 1: Everything You Need to Know About Design Thinking 9

Chapter 2: Understanding the Principles of Design Thinking 29

Chapter 3: Creating Ideal Conditions 43

Chapter 4: Planning a Design Thinking Project 59

Chapter 5: Supporting Teamwork in the Project 77

Part 2: The Problem Phases 93

Chapter 6: Understanding the Task 95

Chapter 7: Putting Yourself in the Roles of Others 117

Chapter 8: Observing People in Action 137

Chapter 9: Redefining the Problem 159

Part 3: The Solution Phases 177

Chapter 10: Finding Ideas 179

Chapter 11: Developing Ideas Intuitively and Creatively 195

Chapter 12: Evaluating Ideas 211

Chapter 13: Designing Prototypes 227

Chapter 14: Testing Ideas and Assumptions 241

Part 4: The Part of Tens 255

Chapter 15: Ten Success Factors for Interviews 257

Chapter 16: Ten Success Factors for Implementing Your Idea 263

Index 275
Prof. Dr. Christian Müller- Roterberg is a professor and lecturer in technology, management, and entrepreneurship at Ruhr West University. He heads the university's graduate program in business management. Prof. Dr. Müller-Roterberg has also been involved in a number of startups and IPOs. He is author of Handbook of Design Thinking