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Rattiner's Secrets of Financial Planning

From Running Your Practice to Optimizing Your Client's Experience

Rattiner, Jeffrey H.


1. Auflage November 2020
384 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-59427-7
John Wiley & Sons

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Learn what it takes to be a success from the 'all-stars' of the financial planning and advisory profession

Financial planning involves everything from determining the client's financial position, cash flow, and investment strategies, to income tax planning, risk management, insurance, and retirement and estate planning. Financial planners and advisors are responsible for recommendations and decisions that help people define and achieve their financial goals. Rattiner's Secrets of Financial Planning gives industry professionals the opportunity to hear and learn from 'the best of the best' in the field.

Author Jeffrey H. Rattiner, a respected leader in Certified Financial Planning (CFP), shares real-world insights and expert advice from hundreds of top-level advisors in the financial planning industry. Readers gain firsthand knowledge of the challenges these successful planners have faced and how they continue to build their practices and reap success in a dynamic financial environment. This comprehensive resource includes templates based on what the best CFPs use in their practices for work programs, data quantification reports, asset allocation model portfolios, pro forma statements, and checklists for each technical financial planning discipline. Designed specifically for industry professionals, this in-depth book:
* Offers CFPs and financial advisors proven advice and practical methods to take their practice to the next level
* Includes contributions from and interviews with the leading advisors in the profession
* Provides templates taken from the practices of high-level financial advisors
* Explains the key ingredients for building a superior financial planning practice
* Helps develop successful financial planners and strengthen profitable practices

Rattiner's Secrets of Financial Planning: From Running Your Practice to Optimizing Your Client's Experience is an important resource for CFPs, CPAs, financial advisors, financial planners, and high-level corporate executives working in the financial services industry.




About the Author

Chapter 1: Today's Financial Planning Profession

Chapter 2: How to Structure Your Practice

Chapter 3:Developing a Well-Thought Personal Financial Plan

Chapter 4:Dispensing Advice on Cash Flow Management and Budgeting Concerns

Chapter 5: Dispensing Advice on Insurance Planning

Chapter 6: Dispensing Advice on Investing Planning

Chapter 7: Dispensing Advice on Income Tax Planning

Chapter 8: Dispensing Advice on Retirement Planning

Chapter 9: Dispensing Advice on Estate Planning

Chapter 10: Dispensing Advice on Niche Planning

JEFFREY H. RATTINER, CPA, CFP(r), MBA, is a renowned author, speaker, and educator with over 31 years of experience as a trainer, mentor, industry liaison, tax professional, and financial planner. He is the recipient of numerous financial planning industry awards and is a leading innovator on financial planning educational programs. He is best known as the "lively and entertaining instructor" through his nationally acclaimed CFP(r) educational program, Rattiner's Financial Planning Fast Track(c).

J. H. Rattiner, J.R. Financial Group