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Better Births

The Midwife 'with Woman'

Brown, Anna M.


1. Auflage Mai 2021
304 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-62874-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Better Births: The Midwife 'with Woman' provides readers with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts at the heart of all midwifery practice. Written for student midwives and qualified practitioners alike, this evidence-based textbook examines what it means to be 'with woman' from a range of perspectives, in a variety of contexts, and in diverse areas of practice. Based on Rodgers' evolutionary concept analysis--the theoretical approach to developing knowledge in nursing science--this authoritative resource systematically examines and analyses the most recent literature and evidence, presenting findings of high relevance to midwives and childbearing women with contributions from international experts.
* Introduces the concept of being 'with woman' and explains the evolutionary concept analysis approach
* Provides insights on the relationship between woman and midwife and on fulfilling the 'with woman' concept
* Reviews contemporary literature to identify new knowledge and generate questions about the concept
* Includes discussion of global and historical perspectives, high risk midwifery, mental health issues, supporting the bereaved woman, delivering nurturing care to the older childbearing woman, midwifery education, public health, the future of midwifery, and more

Better Births is essential reading for undergraduate and graduate students in midwifery programmes, scholars and educators in the field, sociologists and researchers in related disciplines, and general readers interested in women's position in society, birth and motherhood, and feminism.

Preface: Better Births: The Midwife 'with Woman' -Anna M. Brown

Chapter 1: An Evolutionary Concept Analysis

Anna M. Brown, Kath Lawton and Lauren Brown; Victoria, Lucy (midwives) and Emily and Victoria (women)

Chapter 2: Ethical Perspectives of being 'with woman'

Anna M. Brown; Donna (midwife) and Emily (woman)

Chapter 3: 'With woman" in 'Normal Birth'

Anna M. Brown; Laura Pagden, Rhiannon Brown, Donna Hunt (midwives) and Sarah, Heather and Lissie (women)

Chapter 4: 'With woman' in Screening and Fetal Medicine

Anna M. Brown and Angie Bowles (Independent Midwife); and Hannah (woman)

Chapter 5: 'With the High-Risk Woman and Neonate'

Leontia Pillay, Kath Lawton, and Ann Robinson; Kerry-Anne Horne, Rhiannon Brown, Victoria Walker, Julia Derrick, Amy Duncan, Olivia Boswell and Jo Willard (midwives) and Katrina and Angela (women)

Chapter 6: 'With Woman' in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Anna M. Brown and Julia Derrick, Amy Duncan (midwives) and Joanne (woman)

Chapter 7: 'With Woman' in Perineal Trauma

Angie Wilson (Specialist Midwife) and Ruth* and Emilia* (women)

Chapter 8: 'With Woman' from a Mental Health Perspective

Nadine Page (Mental Health Specialist) and Erin Pascoe (Specialist Midwife); Aisha-Sky Lindsay (midwife) and Helena* (woman)

Chapter 9: 'With Woman' in Prison

Anna M. Brown; Clare Cochrane (Specialist Midwife) and Women

Chapter 10: 'With the Older Woman'

Clare Edney (Midwife) and Anna M. Brown; Kate* and Lucy*(women)

Chapter 11: 'With the Bereaved Woman'

Zara Chamberlain (Specialist Midwife); Jennie (Student Midwife) and Kitty* (woman)

Chapter 12: Global Midwifery Perspectives of the 'With Woman' Concept

Julia Boon, Miriam Shibli and colleagues; Dina Ryan Davidson and colleagues; Elisabetta Colciago, Thorhild Borlaug, Natalie Papagiorcopulo, Alex Bell and Priscilla (midwives) and Annabel, Dina and Erin (women)

Conclusion: Reflections on Midwifery Practice: Does Professional Regulation Promote a 'With Woman' Philosophy?

Melvyn John Dunstall, MSc, BSc, PGCEA, RM, RGN

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About the Editor

Anna M. Brown is a Midwifery Teaching Fellow in the School of Health Sciences, University of Surrey, UK, where she facilitates teaching on all levels of midwifery programmes.