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The Urban Housing Handbook

Firley, Eric / Deupi, Victor


2. Auflage August 2023
400 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-65368-4
John Wiley & Sons

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An insightful and revealing look at the intersection of housing and urban design

In the newly revised Second Edition of The Urban Housing Handbook, Eric Firley and Victor Deupi deliver a vital design and analysis tool for housing practitioners, students, and researchers. The book outlines the characteristics of 30 of the most notable housing types from around the world, studied against a background of increasing densification.

Each of the 30 chapters includes a fully-explored tradi tional example followed by one or two contemporary projects of similar spatial configuration that address changing trends in architecture and urban design.

For this latest edition all contemporary examples have been updated and are now presented on two full spreads per chapter.

Other features include:
* A rigorous analytical method that classifies the types according to four main categories (courtyard houses, row houses, compounds and apartment buildings)
* A thorough introduction to the relationship between an individual housing unit and the urban fabric that it creates through repetition
* A strong focus on dense metropolitan projects from around the world
* A set of key figures that translate visual information into metrics
* Unique, original drawings of illustrated housing accompanied by aerial and street-level context photos

Conceived for architects and urban designers, The Urban Housing Handbook is also an ideal resource for urban planners, housing developers, builders, and housing trust professionals.

Eric Firley, of French-German origin, is Associate Professor at the University of Miami School of Architecture. In addition to the typo-morphological studies presented in this book, his current research focuses on interdisciplinary urban design practices, alternative models of housing production and the impact of immigration on urban form.

Victor Deupi is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Miami School of Architecture. His research focuses on the Early Modern Spanish and Ibero-American world, mid-20th-century Cuba, and contemporary architecture. The author of several books, Dr. Deupi was also the President (2016-2018) of the CINTAS Foundation dedicated to promoting Cuban art and culture.

E. Firley, University of Miami School of Architecture, FL; V. Deupi, University of Miami School of Architecture, FL