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The Science Behind Why We Buy

Barden, Phil


2. Auflage September 2022
336 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-67308-8
John Wiley & Sons

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A groundbreaking exploration of purchasing behaviour and its essential role in smarter marketing practices to benefit your organization

If you understand why people buy, you are already one step ahead in reaching out to them effectively with your products and services. Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy offers a groundbreaking exploration into the science of purchasing. The book specifically demonstrates why decision science has proven invaluable to the field of marketing by helping to explain purchasing behaviours.

Decoded delivers a practical framework and guidelines for applying science to the marketing practices you use every day. As a marketing professional, you can look to this book for behavioural knowledge, timely case studies, and an understanding of methodologies. You'll gain advice on how to employ knowledge about behaviours for more effective brand management, from strategy to implementation to new product development.

You'll also gain useful insight into the latest research on consumer motivations that lead to purchasing decisions. Learn more about what happens in the human brain as buyers make their choices. This updated edition of Decoded provides new material that marketers can apply to informed, successful practices.

* Gain an understanding of the Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) approach
* Take a closer look at the Ferrero neuroscience study that supports JTBD
* See updated and relevant case studies of JTBD at work
* Discover how to engage customers through digital touchpoints
If you're a marketing practitioner, an understanding of decision science will enhance your day-to-day work. Decoded helps you see how science and marketing come together. Immerse yourself in the science of why people buy and gain a stronger base of knowledge as you develop strategies, implement marketing plans, and meet customer needs through innovation.

Foreword by Rory Sutherland xiii

Preface xvii

1. Decision Science: Understanding the Why of Consumer Behaviour 1

2. The Moment of Truth: Decoding Purchase Decisions 37

3. Decoding the Interface: How the Autopilot Perceives Touchpoints 69

4. Optimizing the Path to Purchase: The Decision Interface Makes the Difference 129

5. Goals: The Driving Forces of Purchase Decisions 167

6. From Positioning to Touchpoints: Bringing Value to Life 213

7. Case Studies 269

Closing Remarks 287

Recommended Reading 289

About the Author 303

Index 305
Phil Barden is the Managing Director of DECODE Marketing Ltd, where he combines his more than 25 years of brand management (Unilever, Diageo and T-Mobile) with leading-edge cognitive and social psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to help businesses increase their marketing effectiveness and maximize brand growth.