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Empowered by Data

How to Build Inspired Analytics Communities

Murray, Eva


1. Auflage Dezember 2020
192 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-70565-9
John Wiley & Sons

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Learn to build an analytics community in your organization from scratch

How to Build a Data Community shows readers how to create analytics and data communities within their organizations. Celebrated author Eva Murray relies on intuitive and practical advice structured as step-by-step guidance to demonstrate the creation of new data communities.

How to Build a Data Community uses concrete insights gleaned from real-world case studies to describe, in full detail, all the critical components of a data community. Readers will discover:
* What analytics communities are and what they look like
* Why data-driven organizations need analytics communities
* How selected businesses and nonprofits have applied these concepts successfully and what their journey to a data-driven culture looked like.
* How they can establish their own communities and what they can do to ensure their community grows and flourishes

Perfect for analytics professionals who are responsible for making policy-level decisions about data in their firms, the book is also a must-have for data practitioners and consultants who wish to make positive changes in the organizations with which they work.


Part 1

Chapter 1 If you want a data culture, build a community

Chapter 2 What is an analytics community?

Chapter 3 Building a data visualization community at the United Services Automobile Association

Part 2

Chapter 4 Benefits of setting up communities

Chapter 5 Why are communities important?

Chapter 6 Addressing potential risks for your community

Chapter 7 Practical guides for getting started

Chapter 8 What are the success factors for your community?

Chapter 9 How to setup an analytics community

Chapter 10 Lessons Learned

Part 3

Chapter 11 Where to go from here

EVA MURRAY is Technology Evangelist at Exasol. She is also a Tableau Zen Master and co-leads the global social data project #MakeoverMonday, creating a community of data analysts and enthusiasts. She is passionate about data analytics and visualization and has been in the industry since 2013.