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A History of the Buckeye State

Kern, Kevin F. / Wilson, Gregory S.


2. Auflage April 2023
544 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-70847-6
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The new edition of the most up-to-date, interdisciplinary history of Ohio currently available

Now in its second edition, Ohio: A History of the Buckeye State surveys the long and rich history of Ohio from its earliest geological periods to the present day. Designed for undergraduate students and general readers alike, this accessible volume describes the pivotal events in Ohio's history while discussing the major social, economic, and political trends that have shaped the state over time. Concise chapters cover Ohio prehistory and the First Ohioans, European contact, the formation of the Northwest Territory, early statehood and national politics, the Civil War, Reconstruction, the two World Wars, the 1950s and 1960s, and more.

Incorporating the latest scholarship from history, archaeology, and political science, the second edition moves the story of Ohio into the second decade of the twenty-first century. Revised chapters contain new data and updated coverage of early Ohio society, major economic developments, early statehood, Ohio and national politics, and Ohio from the 1970s through 2020.
* Explores the breadth of Ohio's past using a clear and engaging narrative style
* Includes thematic chapters focusing on major social, economic, and political trends
* Discusses Ohio's influence on national nineteenth-century politics
* Covers the geological and topographical history of Ohio
* Examines Ohio's transformation into an industrial state from 1865-1920
* Contains numerous high-quality maps, drawings, and photographs

Written by two authors with decades of combined academic experience in teaching Ohio history,

Ohio: A History of the Buckeye State, Second Edition remains an essential resource for college-level students enrolled in courses on Ohio History, professionals working in historical societies, museums, and other institutions that focus on the state's history, and general readers looking for a highly readable study of Ohio's past.

List of Figures viii

Preface xii

Acknowledgments xiii

1 Ohio Before Ohio: State Geology and Topography 1

Geology 2

Topography 7

Importance of Ohio Geology and Topography 13

Further Reading 19

2 The First Ohioans: Pre-European Contact Ohio 20

Paleo-Indian Period (c. ?-c. 11,000 years ago) 21

The Archaic Period (c. 11,000-c. 2,800 years ago) 24

The Woodland Period (c. 2,800-c. 1,000 years ago) 29

Late Precontact Period (c. 1,100-c. 400 years ago) 41

Further Reading 46

3 The Middle Ground: European and Indigenous Interaction in Ohio, Early 1600s to 1763 47

Early Effects of European Contact 49

Ohio as "The Middle Ground" 52

Colonial Wars and Life in Middle Ground Ohio 54

Further Reading 65

4 War and Peace: The End of "Middle Ground" Ohio, 1763 to 1795 67

The Resistance of 1763 68

Lord Dunmore's War 75

The American Revolution 79

The Western Confederacy and the End of the Middle Ground 87

Further Reading 98

5 The Ohio Experiment: Formation of the Northwest Territory, Early American Settlements, and Statehood, 1783-1803 100

Clearing Title and Related Problems 101

Organizing Ohio and the Birth of the Public Land System 102

Early Ohio Settlements 112

From Territory to State 117

Further Reading 123

Early Ohio Statehood: A Thematic Approach 124

6 A Community of Communities: Early Ohio Society 125

Demographics 126

Social Conflict 138

Reform 141

Further Reading 159

7 Revolutions: Early Ohio Economic Developments 160

Early Ohio's Economy 161

Economic Revolutions 166

Further Reading 184

8 From Periphery to Center: Early Statehood and National Politics 185

Early Statehood Politics 186

The War of 1812 192

State and National Politics, 1815-36 199

Political Ascendance and Its Problems 205

Sectional Politics and the End of the Second Party System 207

The Constitution of 1851 209

Further Reading 212

9 Ohio Must Lead! The Civil War and Reconstruction 213

Ohio and Sectional Conflict 215

Ohio and the Civil War 221

Ohio's Civil War Contribution: A Summary 233

The Reconstruction Period, 1865-77 238

Further Reading 244

10 Why Ohio? Late Nineteenth-Century Politics and Presidents 245

Why Ohio? 245

State Politics 247

Ohio's Presidents from Hayes to McKinley 254

Further Reading 276

11 The Making of an Industrial State: 1865-1920 277

Industrialization 278

Location and Transportation 280

Natural Resources 284

Finances, Entrepreneurs, and Innovation 284

Migrants and Immigrants 290

Industrial Work and the Rise of Organized Labor 305

Literary Critiques 313

Further Reading 314

12 Urban Life, Leisure, and Political Activism: 1880-1920 315

Urban Life and Leisure 316

Urban Political Reform 322

Women's Activism 329

Education 335

Conclusion 337

Further Reading 338

13 Reform and the Great War: 1912-1920 339

The 1912 State Constitution 340

The 1912 Elections 342

The Flood of 1913 346

Ohio and the Great War 348

The Influenza Epidemic 355

The Postwar Crisis and the 1920 Election 357

Summary 358

Further Reading 359

14 Boom, Bust, and War: 1920-1945 360

The Economy and Politics in the 1920s 361

Social and Cultural Conflict 365

The Great Depression and the New Deal 369

World War II 380

At War's End 389

Further Reading 389

15 Affluence and Anticommunism 391

The Postwar Boom 392

Migration and the Changing Cities 400

The Cold War and Ohio Politics 406

Conclusion 418

Further Reading 419

16 Rebellion and Reaction: The 1960s 420

The Struggle for Black Equality 421

Carl and Louis Stokes 428

Resurgence of Women's Activism 430

Emerging Environmental Issues 434

Escalation: Vietnam and Politics 438

Campus Unrest and the Kent State Shootings 445

Further Reading 449

17 Falling Behind: Ohio since the 1970s 451

Deindustrialization 454

Dealing with Decline: Ohio's Shifting Politics in the 1970s and 1980s 460

A Rightward Turn: Politics at the turn of the Twenty-first Century 467

Recent Demographics and Epidemics 475

A Battleground No More? Politics since 2016 478

Summing Up: Ohio as America 480

Further Reading 482

Index 483
KEVIN F. KERN is Associate Professor of History at the University of Akron. He is currently working on a book about the history of football in Ohio. Dr. Kern has published several articles and book chapters on Ohio history and the history of anthropology.

GREGORY S. WILSON is Professor of History at the University of Akron, where he regularly teaches courses on U.S., Ohio, and public history. His other published works include books on the Area Redevelopment Administration, the Kent State shootings, and the Kepone environmental disaster.

K. F. Kern, University of Akron, USA; G. S. Wilson, University of Akron, USA