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French Visual Dictionary For Dummies

The Experts at Dummies


1. Auflage August 2021
304 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-71719-5
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French Visual Dictionary

Learn French more quickly with pictures!

You're more likely to remember something when you see it. So this Visual Dictionary helps you speed up your language learning by including a full-color photo with every term, letting you build your French vocabulary faster. Whether you want to get ahead in a class or dream of chatting with the locals on that long-planned trip to Paris, this book is what you need! Organized around themes such as simple conversation, food and dining, essential accommodations, and more, it can be your secret weapon.

* Navigating a city
* Shopping and dealing with money
* Dining out
* Handling emergencies

En route !

Let's go! 15

Les transports / Transportation 16

La communication de base

Basic Communication 41

Dire bonjour / Saying hello 42


Orienting yourself 49

En ville / In the city 50

Dans la nature / The natural world 66

Bon appétit !

Enjoy your meal! 79

Qu'est-ce qu'on mange ? / What's there to eat? 80

Au restaurant / At the restaurant 113

Quelques plats / Some dishes 119

Les boissons / Drinks 126

Bonne nuit!

Good night! 133

Les hébergements / Accommodations 134

Dans la chambre / In the bedroom 157

Dans la salle de bains / In the bathroom 163

Les sorties!

Let's go out! 169

Parler d'argent / Talking about money 170

Les commerces / The shops 183

Le shopping / Shopping 191

Le sport / Sports 212

La culture / Culture 222

En cas d'urgence

In case of emergencies 245

Les accidents / Accidents 246

Les urgences / Emergencies 253
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