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Engineering for Sustainable Development

Theory and Practice

Biswas, Wahidul K. / John, Michele


1. Auflage November 2022
352 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-72098-0
John Wiley & Sons

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In Engineering for Sustainable Development: Theory and Practice, a team of distinguished academics deliver a comprehensive, education-focused discussion on sustainable engineering, bridging the gap between theory and practice by drawing upon illuminating case studies and the latest cutting-edge research. In the book, readers will find an introduction to the sustainable development agenda and sustainable technology development, as well as practical methods and tools for the development and implementation of sustainable engineering solutions. The book highlights the critical role of engineers and the engineering profession in providing sustainability leadership as well as important future-focused solutions to support engineering global sustainable development.

The book offers a wide range of civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering industry applications. Readers will also benefit from:
* A thorough introduction to contemporary sustainability challenges in the engineering discipline
* Comprehensive discussions of sustainability assessment tools, including triple bottom line assessment (TBL) and the environmental life cycle assessment (LCA)
* In-depth examinations of sustainable engineering strategies, including cleaner production and eco-efficiency methods and environmental management systems
* Detailed review of green engineering principles and industrial symbiosis in engineering application.
* A link between product stewardship and the design for the environment

Perfect for graduate and senior undergraduate students in any engineering discipline, Engineering for Sustainable Development: Theory and Practice will also earn a place in the libraries of consultants and engineers in industry and government with a personal or professional interest in sustainability management.

Wahidul K. Biswas is an Associate Professor in the Sustainable Engineering Group in the School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering at Curtin University in Australia. His teaching and research is focused on life cycle engineering, sustainability assessment of engineering solutions, green engineering, and industrial ecology.

Michele John is the Director of the Sustainable Engineering Group at Curtin University in Australia. Her teaching and research is focused on the development of applied sustainable engineering research and the extension of sustainable engineering education.

W. K. Biswas, Curtin University, Perth, Australia; M. John, Curtin University, Perth, Australia