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How to Write Your Nursing Dissertation

Glasper, Alan / Carpenter, Diane (Herausgeber)

HOW - How To


2. Auflage April 2021
304 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-75773-3
John Wiley & Sons

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how to write your nursing dissertation

How to Write Your Nursing Dissertation provides nursing and healthcare students with authoritative information on developing, writing, and presenting an evidence-based practice healthcare dissertation, project or evidence-informed decision-making assignment. Written by experienced healthcare professionals, this comprehensive textbook offers clear and straightforward guidance on sourcing, accessing, and critically appraising evidence, helping students develop their clinical research and writing skills. The authors address the common difficulties encountered throughout the process of writing a dissertation, project or evidence-informed decision-making assignment, and offer expert tips and practical advice for managing time, developing study skills, interpreting statistics, publishing aspects of the work in a journal or at a conference, and more.

Now in its second edition, this bestselling guide presents relatable and engaging scenarios to illustrate the setting of standards, explore legal and ethical frameworks, examine auditing and benchmarking, and demonstrate how evidence is applied to real-world problems. Covering the entire dissertation, project or evidence-informed decision-making assignment process from a nursing and healthcare perspective, this innovative textbook:
* Helps students develop and appropriately answer a clear dissertation, project or evidence-informed decision-making assignment
* Addresses the fundamental aspects of evidence-based practice in an accessible and readable style
* Features new and updated content on mini dissertations, final assessments, and evidence-informed decision-making projects that many healthcare institutions now require
* Presents up-to-date information that meets the needs of new healthcare roles, such as the Nursing Associate and Healthcare Assistant
* Includes access to a companion website containing downloadable information, an unabridged dissertation sample, and links to additional resources

How to Write Your Nursing Dissertation is a must-have guide for nursing and healthcare students, trainees, other healthcare students required to complete an evidence-based practice project, and anyone looking to strengthen their critical appraisal and assignment writing skills.

Section 1 Starting your dissertation journey

1 Starting the Journey of Your Final Year Project

2 Introduction to writing your evidence-based practice dissertation/project

3 Clinical effectiveness and evidence-based practice: background and history

4 What is evidence-based practice and clinical effectiveness?

5 The challenges of delivering practice based on best evidence (in primary, secondary and tertiary settings)

Section 2 Sourcing and accessing evidence for your dissertation

6 Sourcing the best evidence

7 What is grey literature and where can it be found?

8 Harvard or Vancouver - getting it right all the time

9 Posing an evidence-based practice question: Using the PICO and SPICE models

Section 3 Developing your healthcare/evidence-based practice dissertation

10 Managing your time wisely

11 Developing your study skills

12 Getting the most from your personal tutor

Section 4 -Preparing to use research evidence in your dissertation

13 Clinical standards, audit and inspection

14 Understanding quantitative research

15 Understanding qualitative research

16 Using historical literature

Section 5 Critically appraising evidence

17 Selecting and using appraisal tools: How to interrogate research papers

18 Critically reviewing qualitative papers using a CASP critiquing tool

19 Critically reviewing quantitative papers using a CASP critiquing tool

20 Critically reviewing a journal paper using the Parahoo model

Section 6 - Taking your dissertation further: disseminating evidence, knowledge transfer; writing as a professional skill

21 Publishing your dissertation: In a journal or at a conference

22 Reflecting on your dissertation/ project /evidence informed decision-making project/ assignment journey

23 Building the architecture of your dissertation

Section 7 Bonus chapters (Website only)

24 Public Health: writing a Master's level Dissertation

25 Critically reviewing a journal paper using the Rees model

26 Managing a learning difference

27 Research governance in practice

28 Using evidence in practice
ALAN GLASPER is Emeritus Professor of Nursing Studies, University of Southampton, UK. He is also the editor-in-chief of the international journal Comprehensive Child and Adolescent Nursing.

DIANE CARPENTER is Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Faculty of Health and Human Sciences, University of Plymouth, UK.

A. Glasper, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK; D. Carpenter, University of Plymouth, UK