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Smart Grids and Microgrids

Concepts and Applications

Prabhakaran, Prajof / Krishna, S. Mohan / Daya, J. L. Febin / Subramaniam, Umashankar / Brijesh, P. V. (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Mai 2022
400 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-76055-9
John Wiley & Sons

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Written and edited by a team of experts in the field, this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date study of smart grids and microgrids for engineers, scientists, students, and other professionals.

The power supply is one of the most important issues of our time. In every country, all over the world, from refrigerators to coffee makers to heating and cooling, almost everyone in the world needs to have access to power. As the global demand rises, new methods of delivering power, such as smart grids and microgrids, have, out of necessity or choice, been developed and researched.

In this book, modern and advanced concepts of both microgrid and smart grid technology are introduced. Beginning from the brief fundamental concepts of microgrids and its various constituents this team of experts discusses different architectures, control issues, communication challenges, measurement, stability, power quality and mitigation, protection, and power electronic aspects of the microgrid system. Through this book, tools and techniques needed to design both microgrids and smart grids are discussed.

Recent and developing topics like smart meter impact, remote data monitoring, communication protocols, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, and many others are covered. Furthermore, this new volume also covers simulation and stability analysis tools pertaining to microgrids and smart grids. Throughout the book, detailed examples of microgrid and smart grid design and development strategies are provided, based on different constraints and requirements. Case studies, numerical models, and design examples are also included. Whether for the veteran engineer or student, this is a must-have volume for any library.

Audience: Engineers, scientists, industry professionals, students, and other lay people involved in the business of smart grids and microgrids

Prajof Prabhakaran, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, Surathkal after receiving his doctorate from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai. He has over 10 years of teaching experience and has published a number of scientific and technical papers and presented at several international conferences.

S. Mohan Krishna, PhD, earned his doctorate in electrical engineering from the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), India in 2017. He has several research publications in academic journals and conference proceedings to his credit. He serves as the Associate Editor of a peer-reviewed international scientific journal and is also a reviewer for several other scientific journals.

J. L. Febin Daya, PhD, is a professor at the School of Electrical Engineering at VIT University, Chennai, India. He received his PhD from Anna University, Tamilnadu, India in 2013 and has published around 75 papers in various scientific journals and conferences. He serves as editor, associate editor, reviewer, or editorial board member on numerous journals and has served as a committee member or chair on over 15 conferences.

Umashankar Subramaniam, PhD, is an associate professor in the Renewable Energy Lab at the College of Engineering, Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia. He has over 15 years of teaching, research, and industrial experience and has published more than 250 research papers in national and international journals and conferences. He has authored or co-authored 12 books or chapters and is an editor of a peer-reviewed international scientific journal. He also has several awards, including a fellowship, to his credit.

P.V. Brijesh is an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Government Engineering College, Wayanad, India. He has over seven years of teaching experience, after receiving his BTech and post-graduate degrees.

P. Prabhakaran, National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, Surathkal, India; S. M. Krishna, Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), India; J. L. F. Daya, VIT University, Chennai, India; U. Subramaniam, College of Engineering, Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia; P. V. Brijesh, Government Engineering College, Wayanad, India