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Microsoft 365 Portable Genius

Bucki, Lisa A.

Portable Genius


1. Auflage April 2021
272 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-76367-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Power up your proficiency with this genius guide to popular Microsoft 365 apps

Do you want to make your Microsoft 365 account a productivity behemoth? Do you want to squeeze every last bit of awesome from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and learn a little more about Outlook, too? Microsoft 365 Portable Genius has got you covered. A seasoned tech expert and trainer, author Lisa A. Bucki shows you how to build Word documents, Excel workbooks, and PowerPoint presentations the right way, as well as how to use high-impact design techniques to make your documents pop.

This book answers 11 key questions about how to make the most of Microsoft 365, providing genius tips as it leads you through the essentials. You'll learn how to:
* Tackle common skills like creating files, adding basic content, navigating in a file, making selections, copying and moving content, and saving files
* Build a new Word document by using outlining, bullets and numbering, columns, and other features for creating and enhancing content
* Enhance Excel workbook files by organizing data on different sheets, filling entries, creating range names, and entering powerful, accurate formulas
* Develop a PowerPoint presentation by choosing the right layout for each slide and adding content to placeholders, and then transform it into an on-screen show with transitions and animations
* Add punchy design and branding by using text formatting, themes, and graphics in your files
* Use lists, tables, and charts to make data easier to interpret
* Create, send, reply to, and organize email in Outlook, as well as add contacts Share file contents on paper or digitally
* Check out the Online Bonus Appendix at Wiley for more genius coverage of topics including additional Excel formula review techniques, essential Excel functions, theme colors and fonts changes, and WordArt

Whether you have used Office in the past or are new to its subscription successor Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 Portable Genius provides the expert guidance you need to work smarter in Microsoft 365.

About the Author iii

Acknowledgments v

Introduction xi

Chapter 1 How Do I Start Using Microsoft 365? 2

Starting and Exiting an App 4

Taking a Look Around 6

Reviewing key screen features 6

Changing views 8

Zooming 10

Working with Files 11

Creating a blank file 11

Exploring templates 12

Opening an existing file 14

Switching to another file 15

Typing in a Word Document 17

Making Your First Cell Entries in Excel 19

Exploring the Excel screen 19

Moving around the sheet 21

Adding text and values 22

Adding dates and times 23

Number formatting on the fly 24

Adding Slide Content in PowerPoint 26

Making and Working with Selections 27

Selecting content in Word 27

Selecting content in Excel 28

Selecting content in PowerPoint 30

Copying or moving a selection 31

Refining Your Content 33

Spell checking your work 34

Using Find and Replace 36

Saving and Closing a File 37

Chapter 2 How Do I Develop Document Content in Word? 40

Using Outlining to Organize Your Thoughts 42

More on Navigating, Selecting, and Editing in Word 44

Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists 47

Working with Tabs and Indent Settings 49

Setting tab stops 50

Setting indents 52

Working with Line, Page, and Section Breaks 54

Creating Columns of Text 56

Using Review Tools to Improve Your Writing 57

Getting word suggestions from the Thesaurus 58

Tracking changes and commenting 58

Chapter 3 How Do I Make Changes in Excel? 62

Working with Sheets 64

Adding, renaming, and jumping to a sheet 64

Moving or copying a sheet 65

Cell Editing Basics 66

Making changes 66

Clearing cell contents 67

Using Auto Fill and Filling Series 68

Inserting and Deleting Rows, Columns, and Cells 71

Working with Column Width and Row Height 73

Creating Range Names 75

Using the Name box 76

Using the New Name dialog box 77

Deleting a range name 78

Freezing Rows and Columns On-Screen 79

Chapter 4 How Do I Do Math with Excel Formulas and Functions? 82

Entering a Basic Formula 84

Typing the formula 84

Cell and range references in formulas 85

Using the mouse to save time 86

Dealing with minor errors 88

Learning More About Operators and Order of Precedence 88

Reviewing operators in Excel 89

Understanding how order of precedence works 91

Using parentheses in formulas 93

Making a Cell or Range Reference Absolute Rather Than Relative 94

Changing the reference type in a formula 94

How referencing works when filling, copying, or moving a formula 95

Understanding and Using Functions 97

Using AutoSum on the Home or Formulas tab 98

Typing a function in a formula 101

Using the Formulas tab to insert a function 103

Using Range Names in Formulas 107

Chapter 5 How Do I Create a PowerPoint Presentation? 110

Understanding Slide Layouts 112

Adding Slides 114

Rearranging and Deleting Slides 116

Working with Content Placeholders 117

Regular content 117

Speaker notes 119

Editing Slide Content 120

Changing Slide Size or Background 121

Preparing and Playing the Slide Show 122

Adding transitions 123

Adding animations 124

Playing the show 125

Chapter 6 How Do I Use Formatting to Enhance My Documents? 128

Changing the Number or Date Format in Excel 130

Using number formats 132

Using date and time formats 134

Changing Text Formatting 134

Applying font formatting 135

Applying alignment formatting 139

Changing Paragraph and Page

Formatting in Word and PowerPoint 142

Changing overall line spacing 143

Changing spacing before and after paragraphs 143

Working with Borders and Shading 146

Using borders and shading in Word 146

Adding a page border in Word 147

Changing cell borders and shading in Excel 148

Using Styles 149

Understanding Themes 152

Reviewing elements of a theme 152

Changing themes 153

Chapter 7 How Do I Use Graphics? 156

Inserting Simple Graphics 158

Shapes 158

Pictures 160

Icons 164

Selecting and Formatting Graphics 165

Adding text to shapes 165

Changing styles 166

Changing sizing and position 168

Working with layering, alignment, and rotation 170

Working with wrapping in Word 173

Creating and Working with SmartArt 173

Adding a SmartArt graphic 173

Editing and rearranging shapes 176

Changing the graphic type and formatting 177

Deleting Graphics 177

Chapter 8 How Do I Manage Lists of Information? 180

Adding a Table in Word or PowerPoint 182

Adding the table and making entries 182

Adding and deleting rows or columns 183

Arranging a List in Excel 184

Understanding Excel's Table Feature 187

Converting a range to a table 187

Importing or connecting to a list of data 189

Resizing a table 192

Adding a total row 192

Sorting and Filtering Lists and Tables 193

Changing Table Styles 197

Converting a Table Back to Regular Content 198

Chapter 9 How Do I Present My Data in Charts? 200

Using Different Chart Types 202

Creating a Chart in Excel 203

Creating a Chart in Word or PowerPoint 207

Changing the Chart Type and Layout 209

Formatting Chart Elements 211

Changing the Charted Data 213

Deleting a Chart 215

Chapter 10 How Do I Manage Emails and Contacts in Outlook? 216

Adding Your Account 218

Creating and Sending Messages 220

Receiving, Reading, and Replying to Messages 224

Organizing Messages 227

Adding Contacts 229

Chapter 11 How Do I Print and Share My Content? 232

Creating Headers and Footers 234

Changing Page Settings 238

Margins 238

Orientation and paper size 240

Scaling an Excel printout 240

Changing Sheet Settings in Excel 241

Adding print titles 241

Controlling whether gridlines and other features print 243

Working with Page Breaks in Excel 243

Setting a print area 243

Viewing and moving breaks 245

Previewing a Printout and Printing 246

Sharing Information in Other Ways 247

Exporting a PDF 247

Using OneDrive 249

Index 251
Lisa A. Bucki is an author, trainer, and content creator who's been educating others about computers and software since 1990. She's written dozens of books, provided marketing and training services to her clients, and written online tutorials. She is the co-founder of 1x1 Media.
Fun, hip, and straightforward, the Portable Genius series gives forward-thinking technology users helpful information in handy, compact books that are easy to navigate and don't skimp on the essentials. Collect the whole series and make the most of your digital lifestyle.