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Virtual Facilitation

Create More Engagement and Impact

Andersen, Henrik Horn / Nelson, Iben / Ronex, Kare


1. Auflage Dezember 2020
352 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-76531-8
John Wiley & Sons

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The covid-19 crisis accelerated virtual collaboration exponentially, creating an instant need for virtual facilitation skills. People and organizations have started on this journey, but do not yet have the experience and competencies to use this medium for effective and energetic collaboration.

Virtual Facilitation will show you how to have successful virtual events, virtual meetings, virtual workshops and training. Packed full of tips, insights and real case studies, the author's practical approach to virtual facilitation will show you how to effectively learn the skills needed to suceed. This book will also cover:
* The role of the facilitator, and what is expected
* The design of the process
* How to avoid common mistakes
* Implementation and influencing behaviour
Virtual Facilitation will show you how to plan for virtual events, how to develop skills to be able to host virtual meetings, virtual courses, virtual training, virtual workshops, and virtual larger events to meet 21st century needs.


Introduction: The Why and the Fly-In

Part 1: The core of virtual facilitation

Chapter 1: An introduction to facilitating sessions

Chapter 2: Going Virtual with Your Session

Chapter 3: The Virtual Facilitator

Chapter 4: The Tech Setup (General)

Chapter 5: Wrapping up the before part

Part 2: Before - Designing for Effect

Chapter 6: Designing Virtual Meetings and Workshops with Engagement and Effect

Chapter 7: Purpose

Chapter 8: Participants

Chapter 9: Platform

Chapter 10: Process

Chapter 11: Partners

Chapter 12: Planning the session

Chapter 13: Wrapping up of the Before part

Part 3: During - Running a Good Virtual Meeting

Chapter 14: Be On Top

Chapter 15: Engage the Participants

Chapter 16: Manage the Energy

Chapter 17: Create Clarity

Chapter 18: Connect the Dots

Chapter 19: Wrapping Up the During Part

Part 4: After - Start Implementing

Chapter 19: Feedback and Evaluation

Chapter 20: Follow Up

Chapter 21: Wrapping up of part 4

Part 5: Deep Dives Into Specific Meeting and Workshop Formats

Chapter 22: Virtual (Recurring) Meetings

Chapter 23: Hybrid Meetings

Chapter 24: Virtual Workshops

Chapter 25: Virtual Training

Chapter 26: Virtual Large-Scale Events

Chapter 27: The Final Word

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