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Handbook of Water Harvesting and Conservation

Case Studies and Application Examples

Eslamian, Saeid / Eslamian, Faezeh (Herausgeber)

New York Academy of Sciences


2. Auflage Mai 2021
512 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-77598-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Water harvesting is gaining more and more recognition as the sustainable and resilient alternative to other water supply options. It is economically viable, socially compatible and environmentally friendly. Water harvesting has proven to be a robust solution to overcome or reduce water shortages all over the world. To apply this in a sustainable and effective way, it is important to understand exactly where it can be applied to make full use of its potential.

The Handbook of Water Harvesting and Conservation: Case Studies and Application Examples is the most comprehensive, up-to-date and applied casebook on water harvesting and conservation yet published. The editors bring together the many perspectives into a synthesis that is both academically-based and practical in its potential applications.

The Handbook of Water Harvesting and Conservation: Case Studies and Application Examples will be an important tool for education, research and technical works in the soil, water and watershed management area, and will be highly useful for drought strategy planning, flood management and adaptation to climate change in all urban, agricultural, forest, rangeland areas.

Preface xix

About the Editors xxi

List of Contributors xxv

Part I Introduction 1

1 Feasibility Study of Rainwater Harvesting Systems 3
Ramaswamy Sakthivadivel and Soorya Vennila

2 Sustainable Water Harvesting and Conservation Using Multiple-Criteria Analysis 15
Jason Levy and Saeid Eslamian

Part II Ancient Water Harvesting and Management 35

3 Ancient Water Management 37
Jonas Berking and Brigitta Schütt

4 Fully Coupled Surface--Subsurface Hydrological Modeling to Optimize Ancient Water Harvesting Techniques 49
Wim M. Cornelis, Koen Verbist, Tesfay Araya, Emmanuel Opolot, Jasmien C.J. Wildemeersch, and Bashar Al-Barri

Part III World Evolution of Small-Scale Rainwater Harvesting 65

5 Recent Progress of an Advanced Eco-Hydrologic and Biogeochemical Coupling Model to Quantify Biogeochemical Cycle in Inland Water 67
Tadanobu Nakayama

6 Combined Agroforestry and Rainwater Harvesting to Reduce Soil Degradation in Mediterranean Zones 81
Manuel Casanova, Osvaldo Salazar, Oscar Seguel, Yasna Tapia, Marco Pfeiffer, and Saied Eslamian

7 Evolution of Small-Scale Rainwater Harvesting in the Hellenic World Through the Millennia 103
Paraskevi A. Londra, Georgios P. Antoniou, Achilleas T. Theocharis, Nicolas R. Dalezios, and Andreas N. Angelakis

Part IV Freshwater Conservation, Recharge, and Water Harvesting in Africa 119

8 Assessment of Freshwater and Conservation in Africa 121
Olusegun Adeaga and Saeid Eslamian

9 How to Increase Water Harvesting in Africa 141
Amos T. Kabo-Bah, Daniella D. Sedegah, Mary Antwi, Webster Gumindoga, and Saied Eslamian

10 Water Harvesting Technique as Source of Safe Drinking Water in Rural Areas of Sudan 153
Ageel I. Bushara, Mohanad O. Mustafa, and Saeid Eslamian

11 Analysis of Impacts of Rainfall Variability on Rainwater Harvesting in Orlu Area, Imo State, Nigeria 163
Okorie Fidelis Chinazor and Saeid Eslamian

12 Tunisian Experiences of Traditional Water Harvesting, Conservation, and Recharge 171
Noureddine Gaaloul, Saeid Eslamian, and Rim Katlane

13 Evaluation of Traditional Rainwater Harvesting Technique of "Jessour" in Southern Tunisia, a Case Study on El-Jouabit Catchment 199
Ines Gasmi, Saeid Eslamian, and Mohamed Moussa

14 Water Harvesting Impact Assessment in the Dry Areas of Tunisia: A Review 213
Mohamed Ouessar

Part V Rainwater Harvesting and Hydroelectric in the Americas 229

15 Water Harvesting in New Mexico 231
Hamed Zamani Sabzi, James Phillip King, and Saeid Eslamian

16 Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Conservation 239
Gopal Chandra Saha, Michael Quinn, and Connie Van Der Byl

17 Rainwater Harvesting Reduction Impact on Hydroelectric Energy in Argentina 251
Marcela H. González, Fernando Losano, and Saeid Eslamian

Part VI Asian Rainwater Harvesting and Conservation Examples and Policy Issues 261

18 Rainwater Conservation Practices in China 263
Jihui Fan, Majid Galoie, Artemis Motamedi, Ying Liao, and Saeid Eslamian

19 Examples of Rainwater Harvesting and Utilization in China 283
Saeid Eslamian and Nastaran Zamani

20 Geospatial Approach to Identify the Suitable Sites for Water Conservation: Indian Context 291
Vaibhav Garg and Saeid Eslamian

21 Groundwater Recharge by Water Harvesting Structures in the Semiarid Zones 313
A. Raizada, H. Biswas, and Saeid Eslamian

22 Indian Experiences in Water Harvesting Systems 325
M.V.K. Sivakumar, K.P.R. Vittal, and Saeid Eslamian

23 Impact Assignment of Integrated Watershed Management in the Micro Watersheds of Sambalpur District, Odisha, India 341
Ashutosh Rath, Sandeep Samantaray, Priya Darsan Raj, Prakash Chandra Swain, and Saeid Eslamian

24 Rainwater Harvesting: The Indian Experience -- Traditional and Contemporary 359
Sekhar Raghavan and Saeid Eslamian

25 Irrigation Water Conservation in Saudi Arabia 373
Abdulrasoul M. Al-Omran, Arafat Al-Khasha, and Saeid Eslamian

26 Traditional Water Harvesting in Iran 385
Saeid Okhravi and Saeid Eslamian

27 Capacity Estimation of Underground Rainwater Harvesting System Installed in a Volcanic Ash Soil Area 397
Tsuyoshi Miyazaki and Saeid Eslamian

Part VII Rainwater Harvesting in Europe: Technical, Social, Economic, and Political Issues 407

28 Rainwater Interest in Urban Areas of Europe, the State of Art (1980--2016) 409
Álvaro-Francisco Morote, María Hernández, and Saeid Eslamian

29 Social, Economic, and Political Dimensions of Water Harvesting Systems in Germany: Possibility, Prospects, and Potential 429
Sandra Reinstädtler, Shafi Noor Islam, Jason Levy, and Saeid Eslamian

30 Water Harvesting Case Studies in Germany: Urban and Regional Investigations 443
Sandra Reinstädtler, Shafi Noor Islam, Jason Levy, and Saeid Eslamian

31 Water Harvesting and Conservation in Romania 455
Rares Halbac-Cotoara-Zamfir, Teodor Rusu, and Cristina Halbac-Cotoara-Zamfir

References 465

Index 469
SAEID ESLAMIAN, Isfahan University of Technology.

FAEZEH ESLAMIAN, McGill University.

S. Eslamian, Isfahan University of Technology; F. Eslamian, McGill University, Canada