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Localized Corrosion in Complex Environments

Tan, Mike Yongjun


1. Auflage Januar 2023
384 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-77860-8
John Wiley & Sons

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A comprehensive exploration of the monitoring, prediction, and prevention of major forms of localized corrosion in complex industrial environments

In Localized Corrosion in Complex Environments, distinguished researcher Dr. Mike Yongjun Tan delivers a solution focused approach to localized corrosion issues in complex environments with the potential to affect structural integrity, public safety, environmental protection, or energy and water deliverability. The book focuses on significant civil and industrial infrastructures exposed to complex corrosion environments, like underground and offshore gas, oil, and water pipelines.

The author offers information to help ensure the continued safe operation of aging infrastructures and discusses the limitations of current technologies and the need to continuously develop new and more efficient technologies to manage integrity, prevent structural failures, protect the environment, and reduce operational costs.

Readers will also find:
* A thorough introduction to the major issues relevant to infrastructural corrosion issues
* Comprehensive explorations of issues likely to affect future fuel and energy infrastructures, like hydrogen containing pipelines and offshore and onshore wind farms
* Practical discussions of recent progress in inspection and monitoring technologies, as well as the protection provided by protective coatings
* Fulsome treatments of the use of corrosion inhibitors

Perfect for materials and corrosion scientists, physical chemists, engineers, regulators, technologists, and environmentalists, Localized Corrosion in Complex Environments will also earn a place in the libraries of corrosion and materials engineers, maintenance engineers, pipeline engineers, field personnel, and anyone responsible for the integrity of production and transmission of oil, gas, and water.


1 Localized corrosion in complex engineering environments

2 Techniques for localized corrosion inspection and monitoring

3 Localized corrosion in changing environments

4 Localized corrosion influenced by changing mechanisms

5 Corrosion affected by multiple environments and mechanisms

6 Localized corrosion impacted by flow and erosion

7 Localized corrosion induced by metallurgical heterogeneities

8 Challenges and opportunities in managing complex localized corrosion

Mike Yongjun Tan, PhD, is Professor of Applied Electrochemistry and Corrosion Technology at Deakin University in Australia. Dr Tan's principal professional interests are in corrosion science and engineering and their applications for enhancing the reliability and durability of civil and industrial infrastructures. He has actively engaged with the energy pipelines, future fuels and offshore infrastructure industries and has led more than 30 research projects over the past decade to address critical engineering issues that affect the reliability and durability of underground pipelines and offshore oil & gas infrastructures. Results from these research projects have included the review and subsequent revision of industry standards and the development of a corrosion monitoring and control system for pipelines. He is an author of over 250 referred publications and has received NACE Fellowship 'in recognition of distinguished contributions in the field of corrosion and its prevention'. He is also the Asia Pacific Editor for the Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology. Dr Tan has developed and taught educational and training courses including 'Materials Performance and Durability', 'Corrosion Engineering', 'Applied Chemistry', 'Corrosion Chemistry' and 'Flowline Corrosion' during his various academic appointments.

M. Y. Tan, Deakin University, Australia