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Geotechnical Engineering

Unsaturated and Saturated Soils

Briaud, Jean-Louis


2. Auflage August 2023
1056 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-78869-0
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While there are many textbooks on the market that cover geotechnical engineering basics, Geotechnical Engineering is unique in that it is the only textbook available that is rooted within the three phase unsaturated soil mechanics framework. Written by world-renowned, award-winning geotechnical engineering expert Dr. Jean-Louis Briaud, this Second Edition offers the most comprehensive coverage of geotechnical engineering topics on the market, from theory to real-world application.

In addition to many updates and revisions, a major chapter has been added, covering 22 geo-engineering case histories. They are:
* Washington Monument (shallow mat foundation)
* Rissa Landslide (slope stability)
* Seattle 46 M-High MSE Wall (retaining wall)
* The New Orleans Charity Hospital Foundation (deep foundation)
* The Eurotunnel Linking France and England (tunnel)
* The Teton Dam (earth dam erosion)
* The Woodrow Wilson Bridge (bridge scour)
* San Jacinto Monument (shallow mat foundation)
* Pointe du Hoc Cliffs (rock erosion)
* The Tower of PISA (shallow foundation)
* The Transcona Silo (shallow foundation)
* The Saint John River Bridge Abutment (slope stability)
* Foundation of Briaud's House (shrink swell soils)
* The Eiffel Tower (deep foundation)
* St. Isaac Cathedral (mat foundation)
* National Geotechnical Experimentation Sites at Texas A&M University (full scale infrastructure tests)
* The 827 M-High Burj Khalifa Tower Foundation (combined pile raft foundation)
* New Orleans Levees and Katrina Hurricane (overtopping erosion)
* Three Gorges Dam (concrete dam)
* The Kansai International Airport (earth fill in the sea)
* The Panama Canal (excavated slopes)
* The Nice Airport Slope Failure (slope stability)

From site investigation and geophysics to earthquake engineering and deep foundations, Geotechnical Engineering is an ideal resource for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as practicing professionals in geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics.

Acknowledgments xxv

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Chapter 2 Case Histories 7

Chapter 3 Engineering Geology 81

Chapter 4 Soil Components and Weight-Volume Parameters 91

Chapter 5 Soil Classification 109

Chapter 6 Rocks 127

Chapter 7 Site Investigation, Drilling, and Sampling 143

Chapter 8 In Situ Tests 171

Chapter 9 Elements of Geophysics 215

Chapter 10 Laboratory Tests 235

Chapter 11 Stresses, Effective Stress, Water Stress, Air Stress, and Strains 301

Chapter 12 Problem-Solving Methods 333

Chapter 13 Soil Constitutive Models 395

Chapter 14 Flow of Fluid and Gas Through Soils 419

Chapter 15 Deformation Properties 447

Chapter 16 Shear Strength Properties 485

Chapter 17 Thermodynamics for Soil Problems 511

Chapter 18 Shallow Foundations 523

Chapter 19 Deep Foundations 591

Chapter 20 Slope Stability 679

Chapter 21 Compaction 727

Chapter 22 Retaining Walls 743

Chapter 23 Earthquake Geoengineering 807

Chapter 24 Erosion of Soils and Scour Problems 843

Chapter 25 Geoenvironmental Engineering 893

Chapter 26 Geosynthetics 925

Chapter 27 Soil Improvement 957

Chapter 28 Technical Communications 981

References 987

Index 1005
Jean-Louis Briaud, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, Dist.M.ASCE, is the American Society of Civil Engineers' (ASCE) 2021 President. Dr. Briaud served as President of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) from 2009 to 2013. He is a Distinguished Professor at Texas A&M University and the Holder of the Spencer J. Buchanan Chair in the Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

J.-L. Briaud, Texas A&M University, TX