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Returning to Nursing Practice

Confidence and Competence

Wray, Ros / Kitson, Mary


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240 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-79587-2
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Returning to Nursing Practice

Navigate every step of returning to nursing practice with this accessible guide

Returning to Nursing Practice offers a step-by-step guide to navigate the challenges of returning to work after a practice break. It advocates renewed career pathways in healthcare for nurses rediscovering their professional identity and confidence. Common features of RTP courses are discussed including updating study and clinical skills and the importance of reflective practice. The book highlights the practical, psychological, and community-oriented aspects of returning to the profession and is an invaluable resource for any nurse considering or embarking on this journey.

Returning to Nursing Practice readers will also find:
* Content designed to re-familiarise the returning nurse with updated healthcare practice
* An easy-to-use and readable style, supplemented throughout with figures and illustrations, and hints and tips from previous returners
* Careful attention to the student and practice assessor relationship, and the value of peer support, and well-being

Returning to Nursing Practice is essential for nurses undertaking RTP courses and lapsed registration nurses considering a return to practice.p>

Preface ix

Acknowledgements xii

Chapter 1 Your Time to Return 1

Your Nursing Identity 2

The Starting Point 3

Why Did You Leave? 5

Is It the Right Time to Return? 5

What Have You Been Doing since You Stopped Nursing? 7

The Test of Competence: An Alternative Route to Re-Registration 9

Financial Issues 11

Thinking Ahead 11

References 12

Chapter 2 Preparation 14

Current Roles and Commitments 14

The Return to Practice Course 16

Application 17

Entry Requirements 17

Learning Differences 19

Professionalism 19

Admission Days and Interviews 20

Numeracy 22

NMC Professional Standards 25

Course Content and Structure 29

Planning Your Practice Placement 30

Supervised Practice Hours 31

Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (SCPHN) 32

Midwifery 33

Preparatory Study and Reading 33

Are You Ready? 35

References 35

Useful Website 36

Chapter 3 Bridging the Gap 37

Sharing Hopes and Fears 37

The Gap 39

Self-Efficacy - A Helpful Concept 40

Confidence and Competence 42

Self-Assessment 44

The Language of Nursing 51

What Has Been Happening Whilst You Have Been Away? 53

Professional Values 54

References 57

Chapter 4 Practice Placement 59

First Steps 59

Practice Provider Induction 62

Finding Your Feet 63

Team Working 69

Belbin's Team Roles 71

Practice Assessor and Practice Supervisors 73

Confidence and Competence 79

Decision Making and Leadership 82

Understanding Scope of Practice and Your Chosen Field 85

How Will I Be Assessed? 88

Your Support Networks 91

References 93

Useful Website 95

Chapter 5 Reflective Practice 96

Stories 96

Self-Awareness 97

Introducing Reflection 99

Dipping into the Theory! 100

Models and Frameworks and the Reflective Process 103

Borton (1970) And Driscoll (1994, 2007) 104

Reflective Thinking and Writing Skills 105

Describing 107

Choosing Your Experience 109

Gibbs Reflective Cycle (1988) 110

Analysing 116

Future Learning and Action 118

Being a Reflective Practitioner 119

References 121

Chapter 6 Caring for Yourself 125

Course Progression Points 126

Self-Care: Managing Your Well-Being 128

Body: Physical Well-Being 129

Mind: Mental Well-Being 130

Spiritual Well-Being 136

Heart: Emotional Well-Being 136

Resilience 139

Compassion 143

Compassion Fatigue 146

Burnout 147

Balance 148

References 151

Chapter 7 Returning to Study 157

Preparation 158

Time 159

Place 163

Personal Learning Styles 164

Understanding Course Requirements 169

Learning Outcomes 170

A Framework for Academic Writing 170

Knowledge for Practice: The Evidence Base 173

Reading 176

Libraries 177

Referencing 179

Assignment Writing Process 183

Planning 184

Writing 185

Editing 187

Personal Tutorials 188

Additional Resources and Support 189

Achievement 190

References 190

Chapter 8 Re-Entering the Workforce 194

Celebrating Success 194

The NMC Re-Registration Process 195

Career 197

Job Applications 198

Interviews 199

Bank Nursing 200

Recruitment Agencies 200

The Independent Sector 201

Indemnity Insurance 201

Preceptorship 201

Cultural Competence and Cultural Humility 202

NMC Personal Re-Validation and Your Continuing Professional Development 206

References 207

What I Have Learnt about Myself 210

Index 212
Ros Wray and Mary Kitson are Senior Lecturers on the Return to Practice Course, University of Northampton, UK. They have been managing this course for nearly twenty years and have extensive experience supporting cohorts of returners in navigating their return to the nursing profession.

R. Wray, University of Northampton, UK; M. Kitson, University of Northampton, UK