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Cultivating Curiosity

Teaching and Learning Reimagined

Gehry Nelson, Doreen


1. Auflage November 2021
336 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-82416-9
John Wiley & Sons

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Give your students a leg up and improve learning outcomes with this revolutionary, hands-on approach to teaching

In Cultivating Curiosity: Teaching and Learning Reimagined, distinguished educator and author Doreen Gehry Nelson inspires anyone yearning to break away from formulaic teaching. Told from dozens of powerful and personal perspectives, the effectiveness and versatility of the Doreen Nelson Method of Design-Based Learning described in the book is backed by years of quantitative and qualitative data.

You'll learn how applying this cross-curricular methodology can transform your K-12 teaching practice, regardless of changes in content standards. The book includes:
* Discussions about how to launch creative and critical thinking in your students
* Explanations of the methodology's 6 ½ Steps of Backward Thinking(TM) that invigorate the teaching experience and dramatically improve learning
* The inception of the methodology and the experiences of K-12 teachers who practice it in their classrooms.

Perfect for K-12 educators seeking a methodology that consistently engages students in applying what they learn, Cultivating Curiosity is also an ideal resource for teachers-in-training, administrators, and post-secondary educators.

FOREWORD Frank Gehry, Architect

Eugene Tucker, EdD


SECTION I Creative Thinking by Design

CHAPTER 1 Not Arts and Crafts

CHAPTER 2 Shaping the Methodology

CHAPTER 3 The City

CHAPTER 4 The Methodology

CHAPTER 5 Owning and Reusing Information

CHAPTER 6 In a Nutshell


CHAPTER 7 Goodbye to Formulaic Teaching

CHAPTER 8 "I'm Not Creative"

CHAPTER 9 A Return to the Sandbox

CHAPTER 10 Breaking Out of the Comfort Zone

CHAPTER 11 It Takes Courage

CHAPTER 12 When Administrators Get It

CHAPTER 13 Try a Little Trickery (It Works)

CHAPTER 14 "But I Already Do This"

CHAPTER 15 A Learning Community of Teachers (Cohort Groups . . . Food Matters)

CHAPTER 16 The Importance of "Why"


CHAPTER 17 Developing a Design-Based Learning Classroom

CHAPTER 18 Making Curriculum Physical

CHAPTER 19 The History Wall



DOREEN GEHRY NELSON is the Founding Director of the Design-Based Learning Project at Center X at the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, where her methodology is implemented in graduate education and professional development for K-12 teachers and principals. She's been recognized as a top innovator in education by the New York Times, the American Institute of Architecture and is a recipient of the California State Wang Award for Excellence in Education.