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Military Transition For Dummies

Papple Johnston, Angie


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416 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-82478-7
John Wiley & Sons

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All the things you need to know when you're putting the military in your rear view

In Military Transition For Dummies, you'll talk a walk through how to transition from active military service to civilian life as smoothly and easily as possible. You'll discover how to make the nuts-and-bolts changes to reach your potential in your new lifestyle. From finding a job you love to navigating educational opportunities and keeping yourself mentally strong, this vital book shows you how to:
* Find your next career, including how to write an effective resume and conduct a thorough job search
* Protect your mental and physical well-being by seeking out and accessing the supports you want and need
* Manage your money and make the financial adjustments that are necessary for succeeding in the civilian world

Perfect for active service members who are expecting to transition out of the military in the near future, Military Transition For Dummies is also ideal for anyone who's recently left the service and hopes to make the most of their new life.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started with Saying So Long 5

Chapter 1: Kicking around the Idea of Moving to Fort Couch 7

Chapter 2: Diving into Transition Programs 29

Chapter 3: Organizing to Prepare for Civilian Life 43

Chapter 4: Eyeing Your ETS Process 67

Chapter 5: Ain't No Discharge on the Ground (It's in Your Hand) 91

Part 2: Finding a Job 103

Chapter 6: Engaging Yourself in Employment Programs 105

Chapter 7: Getting Your Foot in the Door with a Strong Resume 113

Chapter 8: Familiarizing Yourself with Civilian Employment (and Pay) 145

Chapter 9: Getting the Skinny on Government Jobs 179

Chapter 10: Connecting with Civilians in Your New AO 199

Chapter 11: Working Your Way through Interviews 221

Chapter 12: Negotiating Your Salary When You Get a Job Offer 245

Chapter 13: Assimilating into the Civilian Workforce 253

Chapter 14: Starting Your Own Business 269

Part 3: Gearing Up to Go Back to School 277

Chapter 15: Advancing on Your Scholarly Career 279

Chapter 16: Cashing in on Your GI Bill 287

Chapter 17: Fitting into Your New Role as a Student 301

Part 4: Adjusting to Civilian Life 307

Chapter 18: Managing Your Money as a Civilian 309

Chapter 19: Zeroing in on the Benefits You Earned 325

Chapter 20: Transitioning as a Wounded Warrior 333

Chapter 21: Getting Help When You Need It 345

Part 5: The Part of Tens 363

Chapter 22: Ten Tips to Help You Find a Job 365

Chapter 23: Ten Tips to Help You Score a Job 369

Chapter 24: Ten Tips on Filing a Successful Claim with the VA 373

Appendix: Civilian Terms for Military Experience 377

Index 383
Angie Papple Johnston is a veteran of the United States Army. After enlisting in 2006, she served as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Specialist and was deployed twice as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.