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Culture to the Max!

Culturally Responsive Teaching and Practice

McDonald, David / Ross, Danielle / Ross, Andre / Walker, Shontoria


1. Auflage November 2022
240 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-83241-6
John Wiley & Sons

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Transform your classroom and school and create opportunities for students from all cultural backgrounds

Culture to the Max!: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Practice presents readers with a powerful new set of Culturally Responsive Teaching standards that can be used by teachers and administrators to counter institutionalized racism and white supremacy. The book offers an in-depth look into the practice and implementation of Culturally Responsive Teaching that can inform curriculum development, teacher evaluation, and classroom and culture evaluation.

In this book, readers will find:
* The criteria necessary to apply consistent reliability and efficacy guidelines to culturally responsive practices
* A seven-pillar Culturally Responsive Teaching framework that includes essential skills development, experiential learning, leadership development, identity development, restorative justice, social and emotional learning, and sociopolitical consciousness
* Expert opinions, practice tips, and personal anecdotes that address the challenges and triumphs of the implementation of culturally responsive classroom behaviors

Perfect for K-12 educators and administrators, Culture to the Max! also belongs in the libraries of teachers-in-training and higher education professionals who seek to acknowledge, respond to, and celebrate the right of all students to enjoy full and equitable access to education.

Introduction 1

Student Achievement 7

Why Culturally Responsive Teaching and Practice? 9

Culturally Responsive Teaching Domains and Standards 11

Education PowerED's Culturally Responsive Teaching Domains and Standards 15

Domain 1: Community Partnerships 15

Domain 2: Culture Management 17

Domain 3: Authentic Engagement 19

Domain 4: Social Justice Curriculum 22


Community Knowledge 31

Family Involvement 33

Support System 40

Contextual Learning 42

Community Service and Local Partnerships 47

Summary 50

Reflection Questions 50


Establishing Harmony 57

Setting High Expectations and Classroom Systems 61

Organizing Your Space 69

Desk Setup 71

Materials Management 75

Student-Led-Management 76

The Wrap Up 79

A Final Story 81

Summary 83

Reflection Questions 84


No Place Is as Engaging as the Black Church 87

Collaboration, Student Discourse, and Shared Evaluation 89

Lesson Structure and Inquiry-Based Learning 97

Observation & Conceptualization 101

Investigation, Conclusion, & Discussion 103

Energy & Pace, Physical Movement, and Multimedia 104

Differentiation & Rigor 109

Meaningful Experiences 111

Summary 113

Reflection Questions 115


Self-Concept 123

Understanding Inequity 130

Cultural Knowledge and Content Relevance 132


Themes 134

Diverse Perspectives 138

Social Action 144

Agency 148

Summary 151

Reflection Questions 153


Recommendation 1 170

Recommendation 2 172

Recommendation 3 173

Recommendation 4 174

Recommendation 5 176

Workbook Planning Guide 179

What's Your Plan? 179

References 183

Appendix A: 7 Power Elements 185

Appendix B: Reference Guide 189

Culturally Responsive Teaching Standards and Domains + Power Elements 189

About the Authors 201

David McDonald, M.Ed. 201

Danielle Ross, M.Ed. 202

Andre Ross, M.Ed. 202

Shontoria Walker, Ed.D. 203

Acknowledgments 205

Index 207
"In the fight for inextricably linked racial and educational justice, our goal is to provide all students with the education they deserve. Culture to the Max! pushes us forward by equipping educators with the tools and mindsets necessary to deliver a culturally responsive and proficient, respectful, and liberating curricula."
--Sharif El-Mekki, Center for Black Educator Development, Philly's 7th Ward

"Finally, a well-written book presented by expert educators who share many of the lived experiences of diverse students. The authors illustrate through text, specific designed standards, recommendations, and confirmed voices from actual teachers effective practices that give students-of-color the agency to become effective life-long learners."
--Laveria F. Hutchison, University of Houston

"Compelling and insightful, Culture to the Max! is the book every educator should read if they want to revolutionize their practices. The toolkit that will allow educators to bring liberation pedagogy to their school and classroom. A plethora of schools will benefit from the practical strategies provided in this book."
--Amen M. Rahh, Award-Winning Principal, Revolutionary Educator
Education PowerED is co-founded by David McDonald, Danielle Ross, and Andre Ross, and is led by Dr. Shontoria Walker. The organization represents a fast-growing movement in education that promotes culturally responsive teaching practices that transform schools and shift the culture of education. It facilitates professional development training that helps educators develop culturally responsive classroom lessons, tools, and resources.

D. McDonald, Education PowerED; D. Ross, Education PowerED; A. Ross, Education PowerED; S. Walker, Education PowerED