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Security Technologies and Social Implications

Markarian, Garik / Karlovic, Ruza / Nitsch, Holger / Chandramouli, Krishna (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Oktober 2022
352 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-83414-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Explains how the latest technologies can advance policing and security, identify threats, and defend citizens from crime and terrorism

Security Technologies and Social Implications focuses on the development and application of new technologies that police and homeland security officers can leverage as a tool for both predictive and intelligence-led investigations. The book recommends the best practices for incorporation of these technologies into day-to-day activities by law enforcement agencies and counter-terrorism units. Practically, it addresses legal, technological, and organizational challenges (e.g. resource limitation and privacy concerns) combined with challenges related to the adoption of innovative technologies.

In contrast to classic tools, modern policing and security requires the development and implementation of new technologies using AI, machine learning, social media tracking, drones, robots, GIS, computer vision, and more. As crime (and cybercrime in particular) becomes more and more sophisticated, security requires a complex mix of social measures, including prevention, detection, investigation, and prosecution. Key topics related to these developments and their implementations covered in Security Technologies and Social Implications include:
* New security technologies and how these technologies can be implemented in practice, plus associated social, ethical or policy issues
* Expertise and commentary from individuals developing and testing new technologies and individuals using the technologies within their everyday roles
* The latest advancements in commercial and professional law enforcement technologies and platforms
* Commentary on how technologies can advance humanity by making policing and security more efficient and keeping citizens safe

Security Technologies and Social Implications serves as a comprehensive resource for defense personnel and law enforcement staff, practical security engineers, and trainee staff in security and police colleges to understand the latest security technologies, with a critical look at their uses and limitations regarding potential ethical, regulatory, or legal issues.

The circle of change: technology impact on LEAs

Data Protection Impact Assessments in Law Enforcement: Identifying and Mitigating Risks in Algorithmic Policing

Methods of Stakeholder Engagement for the Co-Design of Security Technologies

Performance Assessment of Soft biometrics technologies for border crossing

Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems: Technical, Training and Regulatory Challenges

Critical Infrastructure security using Computer Vision Technologies

Evaluation of Content Fusion Algorithms for Large and Heterogeneous Datasets

Stakeholder Engagement Model to facilitate the uptake by end-users of Crisis Communication Systems


The Threat of Behavioural Radicalization Online: Conceptual Challenges and Technical Solutions Provided by the PROPHETS (Preventing Radicalization Online through the Proliferation of Harmonized ToolkitS) Project

Blockchain technologies for chain of custody authentication

Chances and challenges of predictive policing for law enforcement agencies

Garik Markarian is an Emeritus Professor of Lancaster University and CEO of Rinicom Ltd (UK).

Ru~a Karlovic´ is Vice Dean for Research at the Police College in Zagreb, Croatia.

Holger Nitsch is Head of the Research and Social Science Department at the College of the Bavarian Police, Germany

Krishna Chandramouli is Chief Technology Officer at Venaka Media Limited and Subject Matter Expert of AI at CBRNE Ltd.