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Teaching for Justice and Belonging

A Journey for Educators and Parents

Starker Glass, Tehia / Carter Berry, Lucretia


1. Auflage September 2022
192 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-83432-8
John Wiley & Sons

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Create a classroom with a culture of true belonging, liberation, and justice for all

Teaching for Justice and Belonging: A Journey for Educators & Parents provides a practical and powerful blueprint to unrooting racism in the educational setting. The book is an easy-to-understand guide designed to cultivate an educational experience that inspires a culture of true belonging, liberation, and justice for all.

Relying on case studies, thorough research, and deeply personal and enlightening experiences drawn from the lives of the authors themselves, Teaching for Justice and Belonging also offers:
* Demonstrations of how to explore personal and collective racial identity to learn more about oneself and others
* Support for making systemic change within the spheres of influence of educators and parents
* Real testimonials and stories to guide readers on their own healthy anti-racism journeys

A central piece of any anti-racism roadmap, this book is perfect for K-12 educators, administrators, and teacher leaders. It will also earn a place in the bookshelves of pre-service teachers and parents interested in unlearning racism and encouraging diverse voices in the education system.

About the Authors ix

Acknowledgments xi

Chapter 1 Welcome to Our Garden 1

Dear Parents and Educators 2

Before We Begin 3

The Seed Growth Metaphor 10

Tehia 12

Lucretia 14

Reflection and Practice 17

Chapter 2 SOIL: The Groundwork 19

Race 22

Racism 23

White Space 24

Whiteness 25

Racial Ignorance 25

Microaggression 25

Justice 26

Belonging 27

Antiracism 28

Reflection and Practice 31

Chapter 3 SEED: Self-Assessment 33

How We Learn 34

How We Grow 40

How We Begin 45

Reflection and Practice 46

Chapter 4 ROOT: Build Racial Competency and Understanding 47

Amy, White Mom of Five 47

How to Become Rooted 58

Becoming Rooted Together 61

For Parents and Educators of Color to Consider 62

For White Parents and Teachers to Consider 65

Reflection and Practice 67

Chapter 5 SPROUT: Early Growth and Signs of Hope 69

How to Sprout 78

Reflection and Practice 80

Chapter 6 BUD: See and Celebrate Growth 83

How We Started with the Staff 88

How We Started with the Students 90

Seeing and Celebrating Growth 95

How to Bud 100

Reflection and Practice 101

Chapter 7 WEED: Uproot Growth Inhibitors 103

Susan, Latinx High School Teacher 103

Extraction 105

Perfection 107

Isolation 107

Denying the Dignity of Others 109

Fear of Discomfort 110

Lack of Fortitude 111

Lack of Self-Care 112

Punishing Ideological Differences 113

Imbalanced Teaching 113

Valuing Ideology over Empathy 115

Ignoring How Children Experience Race/ism 115

Bystander 116

Not Noticing and Confronting White Supremacy Norms 117

White Tears 118

Thinking We're Done 119

Reflection and Practice 120

Chapter 8 BLOOM: Mature into a New Normal 121

Tiffany, White Mom of Four 122

As Teachers Bloom 125

As Teacher Leaders Bloom 133

As Parents Bloom 135

The New Normal 138

Reflection and Practice 140

Conclusion 143

Appendix A: KWLH Chart to Explore Your Knowledge Base 147

Appendix B: Self-Care Plan 149

Appendix C: Not Judging a Book by Its Cover: Social Justice Book Rubric 151

Appendix D: Tatum Book Small Group Study Guide 155

Appendix E: Content Analysis Chart 161

References 163

Resources 169

Index 175
"Teaching for Justice & Belonging empowers parents and teachers to raise kind, creative anti-racist leaders for the next generation. Simple and practical, Tehia and Lucretia equip us to better see, understand, and dismantle racism so that our children can flourish. This is a book for every classroom and home library!"
--Dr. Michelle Ami Reyes, Vice President of the Asian American Christian Collaborative and author of The Race-Wise Family

"Parents and teachers know that the issues of race are profound and personal. The wisdom of this book starts in the very first pages. Filled with stories and personal reflections, their intimacy welcomes readers to a journey. A crucial resource not to be missed."
--Gerardo Martí, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Sociology at Davidson College and author of American Blindspot

"In Teaching for Justice and Belonging, Dr. Berry and Dr. Glass provide, from their lived and learned personal and professional experiences, healthy soil in which to cultivate an anti-bias, anti-racism growth journey, leading readers away from fruitless performative actions to genuine transformation. This book will equip pre-service and in-service K-12 educators, as well as all adults who care for children, with the tools to overcome the negative impact of racialization and work together to develop and sustain the learning spaces and experiences our children deserve."
--Afrika Afeni Mills, Author of Open Windows, Open Minds: Developing Antiracist, Pro-Human Students, and Education Consultant
Dr. Tehia Starker Glass is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Elementary Education, and former elementary school teacher who now works with teachers, schools, districts, and organizations around the country to revise their instruction and curriculum to be more anti-racism oriented. She is the co-founder of the Anti-Racism Graduate Certificate Program at UNC Charlotte, and educational advisor and education contributor with Brownicity.

Dr. Lucretia Carter Berry is the Founder and President of Brownicity, an agency whose mission is to foster education designed to create a shared understanding of race/ism to inspire a culture of true belonging and justice for all.

T. Starker Glass, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; L. Carter Berry, Brownicity