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Screenwriting For Dummies

Schellhardt, Laura


3. Auflage März 2022
448 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-83575-2
John Wiley & Sons

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Suspend your disbelief--you can make it as a screenwriter

Behind every blockbuster film and binge-worthy show, there's a screenwriter--and that writer could be you! Turn your brainstorming sessions into dynamic scripts with the help of Screenwriting For Dummies. Create believable worlds with relatable characters, gripping dialogue, and narrative structures that will keep even the showbiz bigwigs on the edge of their seats. Once you've polished your product, it's time to bring it to market. This book is full of advice that will help you get eyes on your screenplays so you can sell your work and find success as a screenwriter. From web series to movie musicals to feature films, this book shows you how to develop and hone your craft.
* Learn to think like a screenwriter and turn story ideas into visually driven, relatable scripts that will get noticed
* Study the elements of a story, like plot structure (beginning, middle, and end) and characterization (wait, who's that, again?)
* Hop over the hurdle of writer's block, and tackle other obstacles that stand in the way of your scriptwriting career
* Get insider insight into finding an agent and meeting with studio execs, plus alternative markets for your finished work

This updated edition covers the latest trends and opportunities--and there are lots of them--for today's writers. Let Dummies help you map out your story and put your script on the road to production. Thank us when your work goes viral!

Introduction 1

Part 1: So You Want to Write for Pictures 5

Chapter 1: Introducing the Art of Screenwriting 7

Chapter 2: Preparing to Think Visually 15

Chapter 3: Diving Into the Screenwriter's Mind 25

Chapter 4: Approaching Screenwriting as a Craft 39

Part 2: Breaking Down the Elements of a Story 57

Chapter 5: Unpacking Your Idea 59

Chapter 6: Plot Part I: Beginnings 81

Chapter 7: Plot Part II: Middles 91

Chapter 8: Plot Part III: Endings 111

Chapter 9: Character Building 127

Chapter 10: Delivering Dynamic Dialogue 147

Chapter 11: The Nontraditional Film 173

Chapter 12: Maintaining an Audience's Trust 195

Part 3: Turning Your Story into a Script 207

Chapter 13: Mapping Out Your Screenplay 209

Chapter 14: Surviving Writer's Block 225

Chapter 15: Formatting Your Screenplay 235

Chapter 16: Putting It Together: Structuring Your First Draft 261

Chapter 17: Take Two: Rewriting Your Script 279

Chapter 18: Adaptation and Collaboration: Two Alternate Ways to Work 297

Part 4: Selling Your Script to Show Business 317

Chapter 19: Before You Send It: Pre-Marketing Considerations 319

Chapter 20: Getting Your Screenplay Noticed 339

Part 5: The Part of Tens 361

Chapter 21: Ten Screenwriters You Should Know 363

Chapter 22: Ten Screenwriting Myths 379

Appendix A: Sample Scenes and Online Resources 387

Index 405
Laura Schellhardt is an Associate Professor of Instruction at Northwestern University, where she heads the undergraduate playwriting program in the Department of Theatre. She's dedicated her life to creating new work for stage and screen, and it's her mission to help other writers do the same.

L. Schellhardt, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois