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The Handbook of Usage-Based Linguistics

Diaz-Campos, Manuel / Balasch, Sonia (Herausgeber)

Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics


1. Auflage August 2023
624 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-83982-8
John Wiley & Sons

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The Handbook of Usage-Based Linguistics

The Handbook of Usage-Based Linguistics is the first edited volume to provide a comprehensive, authoritative, and interdisciplinary view of usage-based theory in linguistics. Contributions by an international team of established and emerging scholars discuss the application of used-based approaches in phonology, morphosyntax, psycholinguistics, language variation and change, language development, cognitive linguistics, and other subfields of linguistics.

Unprecedented in depth and scope, this groundbreaking work of scholarship addresses all major theoretical and methodological aspects of usage-based linguistics while offering diverse perspectives and key insights into theory, history, and methodology. Throughout the text, in-depth essays explore up-to-date methodologies, emerging approaches, new technologies, and cutting-edge research in usage-based linguistics in many languages and subdisciplines. Topics include used-based approaches to subfields such as anthropological linguistics, computational linguistics, statistical analysis, and corpus linguistics.

Covering the conceptual foundations, historical development, and future directions of usage-based theory, The Handbook of Usage-Based Linguistics is a must-have reference work for advanced students and scholars in anthropological linguistics, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, corpora analysis, and other subfields of linguistics.

Notes on Contributors xi

Introduction: Current Developments in Usage-Based Theory 1
Manuel Díaz-Campos and Sonia Balasch

Part I Overview 7

1 What Is Usage-Based Linguistics? 9
Joan Bybee

2 Cognitive Linguistics and a Usage-Based Approach to the Study of Semantics and Pragmatics 31
Guillaume Desagulier and Philippe Monneret

3 Contrasting the Usage-Based and Formalist Approaches 55
J. Clancy Clements and Jordan M. Garrett

4 Some Issues in Usage-Based Methods: Contributions from Corpus Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, and Variationist Sociolinguistics 73
Sara Zahler

5 Understanding the Roles of Type and Token Frequency in Usage-Based linguistics 91
Vsevolod Kapatsinski

Part II Phonology and the Usage-Based Approach 107

6 Phonetics, Phonology, and Usage-Based Approaches 109
Richard J. File-Muriel

7 Repetition and Procedural Knowledge of Sound Patterns 127
Earl Kjar Brown

8 The Effect of Usage Predictability on Phonetic and Phonological Variation 145
Rory Turnbull

9 Does Speech Comprehension Require Phonemes? 161
Jessie S. Nixon and Fabian Tomaschek

10 The Long-Term Accrual in Memory of Contextual Conditioning Effects 179
Esther Brown

Part III Morphosyntax and the Usage-Based Approach 197

11 The Role of Frequency in Morphosyntactic Variation: Usage-Based Approaches to Spanish and Portuguese 199
Mark Hoff

12 Construction Grammar and Usage-Based Theory 215
Florent Perek

13 Grammaticalization and Usage-Based Approaches 233
Damián Vergara Wilson

14 Employing Corpora in Usage-Based Linguistics 247
Chad Howe

15 Corpora, Cognition, and Usage-Based Approaches 269
Matthew Kanwit and Juan Berríos

16 Usage-Based Theories and Construction of the Determiner-Noun Group Among French-Speaking Children 289
Céline Dugua

Part IV Psycholinguistics, Language Development, and the Usage-Based Approach 305

17 Using Computational Cognitive Modeling in Usage-Based Linguistics 307
Dagmar Divjak and Petar Milin

18 Multiword Units and the Detection of Statistical Patterns in French 325
Clay Beckner

19 Usage-Based Models of Second Language Acquisition: Language Use in Context and Additional Language Learning 345
Kimberly L. Geeslin, Danielle Daidone, Avizia Y. Long, and Megan Solon

20 Usage-Based Theory and Bilingualism 363
Molly Cole and Jenny Dumont

21 Usage-Based Approaches to Child Language Development: Insights from Studies of Navajo, ASL, and Spanish 379
Melvatha R. Chee, Frances V. Jones, Jill P. Morford, and Naomi L. Shin

22 Usage-Based Approaches to Communication Disorders 393
Susanne Gahl

Part V Variation, Change, and the Usage-Based Approach 415

23 Computational Resources for Handling Sociolinguistic Corpora 417
Livia Oushiro

24 Usage-Based Approaches to Semantic Change 435
Dylan Jarrett and Patrícia Amaral

25 Sound Variation and Change and the Nature of Phonological Representation 455
Thaïs Cristófaro Silva

Part VI The Future of the Usage-Based Approach 473

26 The Future of Usage-Based Approaches: Old and New Debates 475
Javier Rivas

27 (Un)Varied Experiences: How Exposure to Variability Impacts Speech Perception 491
Abby Walker and Alexander Mcallister

28 The Future of Usage-Based Sociolinguistics 509
Manuel Díaz-Campos and Matthew Pollock

29 The Future of Exemplar Theory 527
Michael Gradoville

30 New Developments in Cross-Linguistic Corpus Studies: Priming Effects on the Narrative Present 545
Gibrán Delgado-Díaz and Iraida Galarza

31 New Technologies and Advances in Statistical Analysis in Recent Decades 561
Stefan T. Gries

Index 581
MANUEL DÍAZ-CAMPOS is Full Professor of Hispanic Sociolinguistics at Indiana University. His research has been published in leading journals such as Language in Society, Probus, Lingua, Studies in Second Language Acquisition, and Spanish in Context. He is the editor of The Handbook of Hispanic Sociolinguistics, the author of Introducción a la Sociolingüística Hispánica, and the co-author of Introducción y Aplicaciones a la Lingüística Hispánica.

SONIA BALASCH is Adjunct Professor of Spanish at Santa Fe Community College and a staff member of Albuquerque Public Schools. She has taught core Spanish language courses at all levels, as well as Hispanic Linguistics, Spanish Phonetics and Phonology, and Spanish Applied Linguistics. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Research Design and Statistics in Linguistics and Communication Science and several edited volumes on language variation and Spanish sociolinguistics.

M. Diaz-Campos, Indiana University, USA